Fraternity Recruitment Sees New System

This year the six  men’s fraternities –  Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Phi, Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu and Tau Kappa Epsilon –  will implement a new way of recruiting pledges.

In the past, recruitment for the men did not have much structure. William O’Neil, a Birmingham, MI, senior and the Recruitment Chair of Alpha Tau Omega, gave insight of how the process used to be.

“In the past, [potential new members, or PNMs] would receive bids from fraternities and then attend bid dinners in order to decide whether Greek life was for them or which fraternity is the right fit.” said O’Neil.“Then when they had decided, there was a Friday designated for them to go to the CPO office and sign one bid to the fraternity of their choice.”

With such an easy process, why would there need to be a change? Connor Moss, a sophomore from Birmingham, MI, and Recruitment Chair of Sigma Nu, thinks some houses may have felt they were not getting equal recruitment opportunities, or a diverse group of recruits.

O’Neil helped explain the new system.

“What is new is that now PNMs simply get an invitation to a “formal” dinner rather than a bid dinner. Then each fraternity will decide which PNMs to give bids to, but the kids are not informed of this. On the Friday of signing, they will go to the CPO office, and since they don’t know which fraternities have offered them bids, they will rank all the fraternities they wish to join, similarly to how sorority recruitment works at Albion. There will then be a final reveal on February 10th at which all [fraternity men] will attend and the new members of each house will be announced.”

Not all fraternity men felt the same about the change. O’Neil and his chapter were the only ones to vote against the change, believing that it is unnecessary.

“It changes basically nothing but makes the entire process more complicated and adds an extra event that our chapter already essentially had with run-out,” said O’Niel. In the past, only the members of ATO would run with their pledges out of Wesley to their house.

Moss and his brothers supported the change and believe it won’t have a huge affect on the outcome of getting pledges, saying the system would only “twist it into a different light.

At first, many men thought that the new system was more complicated than before, but on paper it is well organized and there is confidence it will be implemented well.

Photo courtesy of Albion IFC

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