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Knick-knacks, novelties, ornaments, baubles, curios and more, you can find them all at at Albion’s own antique store downtown, Yesterday’s News. In order to ring in the holiday season and parade, they are currently hosting a Holiday Open House from November 17 to tomorrow, November 19.

Owned by Albion College alumni Jim Dean (‘66) and managed by Debbie Myers, the store opened on June 18, 2016 and has flourished since.

The name of the shop was inspired when the friends were formerly employed at the Battle Creek Enquirer. However, the idea behind the store came from the development of the new hotel downtown.

“The developers wanted some new businesses downtown that would attract the clients at the hotel,” said Dean. “I reached out to the developers because I sort of had this idea in the back of my mind for a shop that dealt with vintage items, antiques and collectibles. I threw out the idea and asked, ‘What do you think?’ They came back and said they’d love to hear more, so we worked out this arrangement.”

Though not tied to the college itself, the store does remain connected to the campus.

“President Mauri Ditzler has a vision for the town and the college getting along,” said Myers. “There have been several administrations where it is just the campus and just the town, very separate, but he has a great idea for integration between the two communities. It’s really important considering one needs the other. I actually sold President Ditzler the antique school bell that he used to ring in the official start of the 2016 Albion school year. We’re very proud of that.”

Yesterday’s News makes an effort to acquire most of what their customers request. Once they find the novelty, they text, call or email their client.

“We had a lady come in looking for Geography, a game from the 1940’s, and we didn’t have it,” said Myers. “So, we put in some calls, and we had it in within a few weeks. And it was so great when she came in and said, ‘this is exactly what I was looking for!’”

According to Myers, the boutique finds it especially fun to stay updated with the holidays. Since the store is incredibly busy during the Halloween and Christmas weekends, it is decked out head to toe in Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations.

Visit Yesterday’s News at 111 S. Superior Street or find them on Facebook @yesterdaysnews111.

Photo by Sadhna Ramanathan

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