Faculty Profile: Dr. Bethany Mutter

This school year, 10 academic departments welcomed a total of 12 new professors. Among those is Dr. Bethany Mutter, a communication studies visiting assistant professor.

Dr. Mutter got her bachelor’s degree from Stetson University, master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University and her doctorate degree from the University of Denver in interpersonal and family communication with a specialization in quantitative research methods.

Since 2007, she has taught at a variety of  universities around the country. Her family moved to Michigan, and her specific route of studies brought her to Albion College.

The college was looking for a professor who was an interpersonal and family communications scholar who has the ability to teach the “dark side” of close relationships, such as social aggression, narcissism and coping with difficult experiences, which is what exactly Dr. Mutter does. Her background and experiences in teaching and research made her the ideal candidate for the position.

So far, her experience at Albion has been great. Mutter explained that she has been impressed by her students in all areas, from their willingness to participate in class, to their performances on homework and exams that ultimately show her their commitments to education.

Her students aren’t the only thing that has made her experience at Albion positive, her colleagues have as well.“It’s a great community to be a part of,” said Mutter, “Having co-workers that understand, that are supportive and try to help me as I negotiate being a new mom and a professor has been really nice.”

Dr. Mutter has adjusted well to the small class sizes and student-teacher relationship at Albion. She says she  is “more focused on teaching excellence in the classroom and the quality of instruction given to students” and gives “more personalized attention in the classroom.”

Communication studies major, Kaitlyn Hibbs, a junior from Parma, Michigan says, “[Mutter] is new to Albion College and is also a new mother but still manages to make a difference in her classes. She is a wonderful addition to Albion College, and I hope she stays here for a very long time. She will bring new and innovative ideas to the communications department.”

After only a short time at Albion, it is evident she has already made an impact on campus and shows she will continue to do so.

Since Mutter has been all over the country teaching, she does not know what to expect for her future at Albion. “We intend to stay, but life happens. So we will just see … I hope to stay here and be able to continue to build a legacy for myself.”

Her ultimate goal is to achieve a tenure track position. To Mutter, it is any scholar’s “holy grail.”

Photo via Albion College

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