Meet Albion’s 2016 Homecoming Court

With Homecoming only a week away, it was time to vote for the Royal Britons. For those of you who might not know, the Royal Britons are a group of three people elected by the students who are leaders on campus. It is a position that is somewhat similar to the Homecoming King and Queen that you might have had in high school. You likely received an email with a list of their names. If you don’t recognize any of the names, you might have no idea who to vote for. You might have just picked some random names, so here’s some information to help you get to know the candidates that you voted for.

Clare Russell

Clare Russeclare-aaron-smitll is a senior from Dearborn, Michigan. As a communication studies and music double major (with a concentration in voice), she stays pretty busy. In addition to her academics, Russell is also involved in campus organizations, which includes her position as the chief financial officer of Student Senate, the president of the Albion College Choir and as a residential assistant for Ingham and Fiske Halls. Russell decided to go to Albion because the alumni she met talked highly about their educational experience here.

The one item Russell said she can’t live without is music. “It’s been integrated into my life since I was two years old. I cannot imagine life without it,” said Russell.

She is terrified about graduating. When she was a child, Russell wanted to be a Broadway star.

Katie Zinkel

Katie Zinkel is a skatie-zinkelenior from Birmingham, Michigan. When she was a child, Zinkel wanted to be an author because she loved books and reading. Zinkel is a psychology major and chose to come to Albion because she knew she wanted a smaller scho
ol. She had “an initial gut-feeling that this was a great place.” Zinkel keeps herself busy with positions such as the president of Mort
ar Board, the vice president of Late Night events for Union Board and a volunteer at Kids-N-Stuff.

When think
ing about her impending graduation, Zinkel said, “
I am in complete and utter denial of the fact that is happening because I’ve loved Albion more than words can say, and I am already terrified at the concept of leaving this place because it has been my home for the last four years, and I just love it so much that it’s going to be so hard to not come back next Fall.”

Zinkel cannot live without Doritos and Beyonce.

Bobby Budlong

Bobby Budlong is a senior from Canton, Michbobbie-budlongigan. When Budlong was younger, he thought he wanted to be a firefighter or police officer because he thought it sounded fun. Now Budlong is an athletic training major looking into physical therapy schools. He is a member of several organizations on campus, including the Men’s Soccer team, Sigma Chi Fraternity and the Student Volunteer Bureau. When Budlong was first looking at colleges, playing soccer was a top priority. He chose Albion because he felt more at home here than he did at the other schools he considered.  Albion has been great, but Budlong says that he is ready to move on to the next chapter of life.

The one thing Budlong could never live without is his pets. “I am a huge animal lover. And whenever I am home, as long as they are around, I am in a good mood,” said Budlong.

Annie Ford

Annie Ford is a senior from Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Ford transferred to Albion from Lansing Community College.

She chose to comannie-forde to Albion because of the academic program. “I like the smaller class sizes, the sense of community and that I’m able to have a relationship with my professors,” said Ford.

She was originally looking at another school that she wanted to play soccer at, but an injury kept her from being able to play. Soccer is still a large part of Ford’s life, and she can’t imagine life without it. Despite the fact that she said she can’t play soccer at the same competitive level that she used to, she plays intramural soccer here at Albion. She also is the President of Alpha Chi Sigma, the honorary chemistry fraternity, and is a part of Habitat for Humanity, to name a few.

Ford is pre-dental and is a biochemistry major and a cell and molecular biology minor. She is nervous about graduating, but is looking forward to going to dental school. Ford didn’t always want to be a dentist. When she was growing up, Ford wanted to be a veterinarian.

“I wanted to be a vet because I really like animals,” said Ford. “But then I learned that you also have to put dogs down, and I didn’t like that. So then, I wanted to be a dentist because I like going to the dentist.”

Katie Boni

Katie Boni is a junior from St. Clair, Michigan. Boni couldn’t live without dogs and books.  “I’m obsessed with both,” Boni said.katie-boni

Her love of books will come in handy when she finds a job in the publishing field. Boni is a double major in communication studies and English. She came to Albion because everyone was very welcoming when she came for a visit, and they made her feel at home before she was a student. Boni is a member of the honorary music fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi. She is also a section leader in the British Eighth Marching Band and is editor-in-chief of the Albion Review. Boni is “more nervous than excited” about her senior year because she knows there is a lot she will want to get done.

When Boni was a kid, she said, “I wanted to be a v
et. Then I realized I would have to see animals in pain, and I couldn’t deal with that. So I decided I didn’t want to be a vet anymore.” Boni had a year of where she wanted to be random things before she decided on book publishing.

Katelyn Nolan

Katelyn Nolan is a senior from Grandville, Michigan. Nolan transferred to Albion from Grand Rapids Community College in katelyn-nolanthe fall of 2015. Because she has not been at Albion for all that long, Nolan is sad to leave. Albion felt like home to her, so she says that every educational decision was made with the intent to attend Albion. Nolan has accomplished a lot in her short time at Albion. She is president of Student Senate, vice president of the Secular Student Alliance and the chief marketing officer of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Nolan is a communication studies major and a French minor.

The one thing Nolan couldn’t live without is bacon, and when asked why, she said, “No explanation necessary.”

When she was a child, Nolan said she “wanted to be a Tic-Tac taster. Yep. The little minion-shaped mints. I wanted to be the person that approved or vetoed the flavors.”

Morgan Benham

Morgan Benham is a senior from Marshall. Benham said the one thing she couldn’t live without is her Nikes because they’re all she ever wmorgan-benhamears. “I’m really into working out and fitness,” said Benham.

She is an Athletic Training major and played volleyball for her first two years at Albion. Benham came to Albion because it felt like home and because of the opportunities, such as playing volleyball, while also pursuing an athletic training major. She is hoping to go to grad school after Albion, and she admits that she is nervous but also very excited about graduating.

Thinking back to when she was a child, Benham said, “I wanted to be a veterinarian for a long time, and then I realized that I’m allergic to cats.” She changed her mind after that.

On campus, Benham is involved with several organizations, such as her position as the vice president of the Student Volunteer Bureau, president of the Athletic Training Club and vice president of Service for Alpha Phi Omega.

Brett Cunningham

Brett Cunningham is a senibrett-cunninghamor from Lake Orion, Michigan. He is a biology major and holds positions in several organizations, including the president of Interfraternity Council, president of the Order of Omega and the head of the Peer Education Program. Cunningham originally chose Albion because of football, but he retired after his first year. When he was a child, Cunningham wanted to be a high school principal so that he could help students prepare for what comes next in their lives.

Now that he is about to graduate, Cunningham said, “It’s a super bitter-sweet moment for me. Over my four years I have really grown to consider Albion my home, and the idea of leaving this place scares me. But on the other hand, I am really excited for what the future holds.”

Cunningham could not live without humor because he thinks people should enjoy life more.

Jodie Bosheers

Jodie Bosheers is a junior from Washington, Michigan. She is a math major with an actuarial emphasis and a minor in finance.jodie-bosheers Bosheers couldn’t live without good company, and she picked Albion because of the people she met when she visited. She liked how they seemed to be concerned with making sure she had a good time. This is an experience that she tries to recreate for prospective students as a tour guide.

Some of her other involvements on campus include being vice president of Programs for Alpha Xi Delta sorority and being a member of the Women’s Basketball Team.

Bosheers can’t pick just one thing she wanted to be when she grew up. Rather, she says that she loved sports and questioning things.

The thing Bosheers is most looking forward to in senior year is to continue growing alongside all peers and all the people who helped make Albion great.

Nia Moreno

Nia Moreno is a senior from Chicago. She is a French major and a teaching English as a second language minor who is looking nia-morenoforward to graduating so that she can further her career and “not be going to classes anymore.” Moreno
comes from “a long line of educators,” so since she was a child, she wanted to be a teacher. Moreno said teaching is what she always wanted to do.

She chose Albion because she wanted to go to a small school and get a liberal arts education. Moreno says she, “wanted to be somewhere that would help [her] grow as a leader on campus.” She is a member of the Black Student Alliance, Alpha Phi Omega an
d Omicron Delta Kappa, an honorary leadership fraternity.

Moreno couldn’t live without music. “It calms me,” Moreno said. It can always brighten my day and change my outlook on life.”


Now that you know a little bit about the candidates, you can find out who wins at the Homecoming game on Saturday, Oct. 15.



Photo Credits

Annie Ford – Katherine Buzan

Bobby Budlong – Katherine Buzan

Morgan Benham – Katherine Buzan

Katie Boni – Kim Ecarius

Clare Russell – Aaron Smit

Katelyn Nolan  – Heather Fuchs

Katie Zinkel – Brian Coon

Brett Cunningham – Marisa Miller

Nia Moreno – Angela Panzica

Jodie Bosheers – Bosheers

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  1. Of course Bobby Budlong would be on the “Homecoming Court!” As a former teacher of his… Oh help us all… He is a phenomenal young man with the biggest heart. A big heart that clearly did not get him out of detentions… Lol… But big enough to always remember his drive, motivation and dedication to his classes. Bobby… Oh my… I have stories… But will not go there. Lol! This young man is so dedicated and driven and if you were to see him with children… He is phenomenal! I have a four year old and he is wonderful with her! My Aunt has a new Physical Therapy clinic in Florida and working with the best of the best of doctors… Sending her a letter of recommendation for Mr. Bobby Budlong… He is such a wonderful young man that even though a Stink Bink ( I had him in middle school btw) was kind, caring and always reached out to those that needed help. His demeanor, character, humor and the fact that he is truly genuine makes him who he is. I will never forget this young man and will always be like one of my Kiddos! Robert… I promise not to send out the details of the “stories” that made me crazy… However… Bottom line… Charlotte and I are so proud of you… So is Mr. Pelc… Even though he and I no longer married… He always had and will always have a special place in his heart for you… As I do as well

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