Albion’s First Microbrewery on its Way

Students looking for after-hours entertainment will soon have their thirsts quenched with the opening of Albion’s first microbrewery. As part of a joint venture, Associate Physics Professor   Dr. Charles E. Moreau; alumni Ben Wade (‘99) and John Rogers (‘14) and The New Albion Impact Group LLC will be opening up the doors of a brewery right in downtown. Aptly timed, the microbrewery is stirring up excitement along with the numerous other efforts that are revitalizing the downtown area.

Named the Albion Malleable Brewing Company, it will be located at 420 S. Superior St.  Its name pays homage to the Albion Malleable Iron Company, whose presence was the heart of the local economy until its closure in 2002.  Exacerbated by the economic decline in 2008, the town sputtered for some years but with recent heavy local investments, like the Ludington Center and the downtown hotel, residents like Moreau are joining in on the efforts to make a new Albion.

“We started talking about ways that we could participate in what we perceived as a revitalization of downtown Albion,” said Moreau, in reference to brainstorming sessions held between him and Rogers.  Little did they know, Wade also independently thought of the idea. With the three of them together and with support from The New Albion Impact Group, the idea evolved from a hope to a plan.   

When asked why a microbrewery as a business, Moreau replied, “It’s something you can start really small and then let grow.” The brewery, which hopes to open up before January of  2018, is looking to expand with its market.  While it will only start off with a small kitchen, selling the beers it brews, they are already looking towards a future wine license to make ciders.

This would be first-of-its-kind business in Albion and adds more to the representation of the growth by both the college and the town in recent years.


Photo courtesy of the Albion Malleable Brewing Company

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  1. I’m so excited about this new business coming to Downtown Albion and paying homeage to the Malleable is huge my father worked there 37 yrs so did my uncles and great uncles it was a huge part of who we are in this town thank you for being apart of our new birth

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