New Faces for Health Care Institute

Those familiar with the former heads of Albion College’s Healthcare Institute will have some new names to learn. Associate Professor Dr. Bradley Rabquer of the Biology Department and Dr. Laura Loman, previously the healthcare advisor, have been announced as the new co-directors. After having Dr. Barbara Keyes and Marikay Dobbins faithfully serve the institute for more than a decade, the 328 student members will now have the pair to look for advice on all things healthcare.  

When asked about changes he would like to bring into his new role, Rabquer was enthusiastic to receive the position but wanted to expand the institute’s reach.  

“We want to find more ways to make the services we offer more accessible and visible to students,” said Rabquer.

Loman agreed, “[We] need to meet the students where they are.”

What this means to the institute is an increased use of technology to better communicate with the students whether they are here on campus or back in their hometowns.

Additionally, the required classes of Healthcare Ethics and Issues in Healthcare will no longer be team taught. Dr. Loman will be teaching Issues in healthcare, while Dr. Rabquer will be teaching Healthcare Ethics. Both of the classes will also be introducing new guest speakers in a continued effort to keep the courses as exciting and informational as possible.

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