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So many new establishments are making their way to Albion. Soon there’ll be a hotel in town, a Taco Bell and more additions to the town. However, in downtown Albion, there’s a “For Sale” sign on the window of the Books and More store.

Rumors that the bookstore will be closing have started to spread. However, Albion residents will be happy to know that Books and More is not planning on going anywhere.

It’s not the business that’s for sale; it’s the whole building.  That also includes the studio and the Bar Bell Club. Dorothy Dickerson, ‘54 Albion College graduate, is the owner of the building and of Books and More. She has to sell the building due to being unable to perform some of the duties as owner.

The store isn’t leaving anytime soon, unless selling the building does not go as planned.

“If this prospect doesn’t fall through, then the business might sell,” said Dickerson. “But this [prospect] wants to keep the business here.”

Books and More opened in October 2002 and has been running since then.

“I try to keep a lot of Michigan things here,” said Dickerson. “We have both new books and used books, and we can special order out of print books.”

They also have a Real Coffee station, providing coffee, smoothies and baked goods. Additionally, they sell games, cards and jewelry.

“It’s not necessarily a money maker, but it gives me something to do. I meet new people in the town, and I think [they] appreciate having a bookstore here.”


Photo by Taylor Anhalt

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