It’s Over: Mudd and Stockwell to Separate!

This morning the Stockwell Memorial Library announced that it would be separating from Mudd Library this upcoming summer. The Pleiad was given exclusive information as to what this split would entail for students and faculty.


The separation of Stockwell and Mudd  stems from an argument between Library Co-Directors Dalia Miaz and Hike Lan Mouten, who, citing “irreconcilable differences” have decided to divide the libraries between the two of them. Miaz will be taking over the Mudd library and Lan Mouten will maintain the Stockwell Memorial Library.


To complete the separation between the two libraries, Albion College will be demolishing the infamously popular bridge this summer and re-opening the main entrance to the Mudd Library. To compete with Read Between the Grinds, located in the Stockwell portion of the library, Mudd is in talks to open up a Starbucks in their portion on the library. I heard several students’ reactions to the news.


“I’m honestly just in shock,” said Caroline Briggs, a South Lyon sophomore. “I just didn’t see this coming.”


Another student didn’t react quite as calmly.


“I think [the split] is irresponsible,” said Jordan Smith, a Rochester first-year. “I don’t think the library is thinking of the students, if they were, they wouldn’t be doing this.”


In an effort to make the change easier for the students, both libraries will be dividing their assets in terms of books and computers, as well as splitting custody of the students by alternating days they are available. Stockwell will be open  Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday, and Mudd will be open Tuesday, Thursday and alternating Fridays, as well. The two libraries will also alternate which weekends they’re going to be open, and Stockwell will remain open during the Christmas holidays, while Mudd retains open for Thanksgiving and Easter.


The split may come as a shock to students, but according to Miaz, it’s been a long time coming.


“I’d say this has been going on for the past five or so years,” said Miaz. “We’ve been trying to stay together for the sake of the students, but it just wasn’t fair to us.”


There’s been some speculation that Lan Mouten was actually in talks to replace Miaz and was interviewing for a potential new co-library director for several months; we reached out to Lan Mouten to get his side of the story, but he had no comment.


Both Lan Mouten and Miaz are excited to move forward separately, but in a joint statement, they have said they wish to “remain close” in order to make the transition easier for the student population. Both Miaz and Lan Mouten want students to know they still care about studenteducation and that the split is in no way a reflection on the student body.
The two libraries are looking forward to finalizing the separation in July, and when school re-opens in August, they will each exist as two separate entities once again.

Photo courtesy of Albion College


(Part of “The Plebian”—April Fools Edition)

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  1. It’s about time! The tension between the two buildings has been mounting for years now. There are simply no other options left.

    I can’t wait for Stockwell to install the slip ‘n’ slide! I can’t think of a better way to get to the printers from the circ desk.

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