Hillsdale to Close, Albion to Absorb Students

This story was a part of the April Fool’s Edition “The Plebian” and was, in fact, not true. The Pleiad apologizes for any confusion that may have been caused.

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  1. I am a Hillsdale student and can’t wait to be moved over to Albion. I kept telling them to stop buying unnecessary things like toilet paper and electricity, but they didn’t listen. This is a funny piece, Alex.

  2. Glad they’re going to repurpose the empty public school buildings in Albion. Dr. Arry Larn will be a great asset to the Albion faculty.

  3. Nice one, Alex! You had me going. I gotta learn to mark my iCal with big warning notes so when I wake up on future Firsts of April, I’ll be braced for jokes and pranks like this! Ha!

  4. I have been a part of the Hillsdale community for at least 58 years. I need to know, is this Hillsdale College becoming part of Albion College FACT? Or is it a HOAX?? I can not imagine Hillsdale without a college, and IF it is a hoax, I for one am NOT impressed. PLEASE let me know, It this article true, or is it false??? Thank You !, Ed Miller, Sr.

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