Editor’s Farewell

My time here might be slightly different than some students. Just a four short semesters ago I was walking the halls of Vulgamore, trying to find my first class and praying that I made the right decision to come here instead of Grand Valley. As a transfer student, one of my biggest desires was to learn the campus culture and become a “Brit” as soon as possible. I was drawn to Albion because the first time I stepped on campus, I felt like I was home. I wanted to figure out how to turn that feeling into a reality.

Flash forward to the present, and I can say that I have truly accomplished this. And one of my greatest joys has been incorporating the Pleiad as part of my journey. I had the opportunity to meet community members I never would have met, fall in love with Albion employees through capturing their stories and cover remarkable events that have gone on.

As a publication, the Pleiad has covered over 150 articles over the course of the year. We’ve made mistakes. We may have pulled a prank or two. But we also have shared stories that reveal students who are making a difference on campus and people who are changing the world. Being part of the Pleiad helped me see the world beyond my campus walls and challenged me to apply questions that our world is wrestling with like social justice issues, environmental issues and political issues to a campus context.

With my time as editor-in-chief coming to a close, one lesson I will always take away is that everyone has a story to tell. And as a journalist, as a writer and as human, it’s part of my job not only to share them but to listen. I hope the Pleiad has encouraged you to do that in some way.



Clare Kolenda


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Clare Kolenda is a Grand Rapids, Mich., senior, a lover of words and all things coffee. She's passionate about writing stories that feature the everyday heroes of the community.

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  1. Clare – I’ve greatly enjoyed reading The Pleiad this year and thank you for your service to the college and community. Keep listening and keep writing.
    Michael Haines, ’85

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