Albion to Get Air Conditioning

After years spent sweating in stifling hot dorm rooms at the beginning and end of every school year, a plan has finally been set to install air conditioning (A.C.) in Albion’s dorms and apartments, just in time for the 2016-2017 school year.  It is all thanks to a generous donation from George (’57) and Karen (’58) Wilander.

George and Karen Wilander met at Albion College, both studying Business and Entrepreneurship. George’s father owned a prosperous heating and cooling business on the west side of Michigan. When the couple married after graduation they decided to move to the east side of the state and begin their own heating and cooling business. When they heard their grandson, Ryan Wilander, was not considering Albion because he wanted to go somewhere that had air conditioning, they decided it was time to bring a change that would allow comfort to not be an influencing factor when deciding on colleges.

“In this day and age, air conditioning is expected. My wife brings sweaters everywhere since it is always chilly in places when out and about,” said George. “Hopefully this change will make Ryan reconsider Albion.”

Renovations are expected to begin with the dorms a few days after graduation and last through mid-August, hopefully all renovations of the apartments will be completed before classes begin. Wesley is first on the list to receive the upgrades.

“We’re hoping to finish Wesley first so that when the rush of prospective students visiting once high school is out for the summer hits, it’ll be already all cleaned up and air-conditioned,” said Donna Tasmernak, Albion’s director of facilities.

Ingham and Fiske are expected to be completed by mid-June then  work will begin on Seaton Hall, Whitehouse Hall and Mitchell Towers, with the hopeful completion date being July 31. Briton and Burns Apartments are the last to be updated. Once FURSCA and other students staying the summer clear out for a few weeks, all attention will be directed at completing the changes there.


“It’s a huge project and the timeline does not have much room for setbacks, but we’re confident we can get it done in time,” said Tasmernak.

(Part of “The Plebian”—April Fools Edition)

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