Kids and Stuff Hosts Easter Egg Hunt

On March 21, the Kids ‘N’ Stuff Children’s Museum downtown hosted their second annual Great Museum Egg Hunt. The free event was open to community families and children ten and under.

The building was buzzing with dozens of families running around and trying to find the eggs hidden throughout the exhibits. Eggs were hidden everywhere from Mexican-inspired huts to bright red barns and an imitation grocery store.

There was a large turnout this year, thanks to the event going “pseudo-viral” on Facebook in the local mom community, according to the executive director of Kids ‘N’ Stuff, Audrey Dean.

“Last year, since it was the first year, we had a nice turnout but not a huge turnout” said Dean. “I’d say this is pretty huge.”

As successful as the event was, one challenge was the availability of the eggs.

“Egg hunts are hard because the first few oldest kids in the gate […] run in and get the most eggs,” Dean said. “It’s so hard to put a limit on the number of eggs you can have, and I’m just not sure if that’s something we want to do. I see a couple of sad faces walking around because we’re out of eggs, so I think we will definitely add more eggs next year.”

One of these sad faces was a girl named Chloe. She had scoured the museum for eggs but could only find one. However, her luck turned around pretty quickly when she realized that the one egg she found was one of the coveted golden eggs. While most of the eggs had small prizes inside, a golden egg had a note inside that could be redeemed at the front desk for a bigger prize.

Chloe was eager to show off her gifts.

“It’s kinda fun,” she said. “I got a Flip Stick and a bunny mask.”

Her mom likewise enjoyed the event and says the two of them are hoping to return to Kids and Stuff in the future.

“We’ve never been to the museum itself, but it’s a pretty cool place. We’ll probably come back when it’s not as hectic.” she said. “But yeah, it was fun. [Chloe] enjoyed hunting the eggs, and lucky enough, she got a cool prize.”

At the end of the day, the Great Museum Egg Hunt was a success. Whether they found eggs or just explored the museum, kids of all ages seemed to have a great time.

Photo by Sarah Finn


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