Dave Lawrence Says Goodbye to Albion College

David Lawrence, associate director of digital media strategy, served his last day at Albion College on Tuesday. Lawrence led the student marketing committee, a group of five to six students who met weekly to discuss new ideas for promoting the college. In the past years, they have expanded the college’s social media presence by creating videos and a blog. Lawrence also managed the online advertising for the college, was the editor of the Britonline email newsletter, and was the principle photographer for college events.

Lawrence will begin as a communications manager at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. He will promote exhibits and write social media content for the museum.

“It’s going to be a new adventure for me, and I like that because I always like to learn new things and to challenge myself,” said Lawrence.

Despite living in Jackson, he is fine with the commute. Working with students and being involved in the education system are similarities he’s excited about.

“I’m not leaving Albion because I don’t like it here or love it any less,” said Lawrence. “It’s just a really great opportunity for me.”

His best memories are highlighted by the times he spent directing the committee.

“That’s the part of my job that I’ll probably miss the most, just working so closely with students and watching them come up with creative ideas on ways to promote Albion.”

Throughout his career at the college, Lawrence has enjoyed working with the students and working on his personal passions. In November, he published a book called Artists in Jackson. They worked on everything from sculpting to painting, and Lawrence took pictures of the artists working on their projects.

“Just being at a place [like Albion] I’ve grown to love so much … it is going to be hard for me,” said Lawrence. “I’m going to miss the small school environment, and I’m going to miss all the students that I worked with.”

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