Panthers and Broncos Battle for Super Bowl 50 title

Post by Cara Henry

On Sunday, Jan. 24, the Denver Broncos defeated the New England Patriots after a true battle for victory. As for the Carolina Panthers, they completely shutout the Arizona Cardinals. But at the end of the day, the path to victory that each team took brought them to the final game of the season, Super Bowl 50. This Sunday the two teams will play in the final game of the football season, determining who the real champions are.

The final game will take place in Santa Clara, Cali. at Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers. According to the venue’s website, the stadium was most recently recognized for being the most high-tech stadium in the world, along with Sports Facility of the Year by Sports Business Journal. Levi’s Stadium is definitely the perfect setting for the Super Bowl 50.

Both teams are bringing undeniable talents to the table for this battle, but the Denver Broncos may just be prepared to shut down the Panthers. This year’s Denver defense is the best in the NFL. According to the Washington Post, their defense is arguably the best of all time, joining the some of the best defensive units in history, which include the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1991 Philadelphia Eagles and 1987 Chicago Bears. However, NFL analyst Charley Casserly writes that Denver’s inability to run the ball will cost them the game.

NFL analyst Michael Robinson believes that the Panthers will pull off the win. He states that the Panthers are more of a complete team and if they are to find themselves in a tight game, Cam Newton, Panthers quarterback, and the team’s defense will be able to bring the team a win. Cam Newton is on fire this year as he takes risks to lead his team to success. The nearly undefeated Panthers held a long winning-streak until facing the Falcons for the second time this season, and although they took a loss in that game, they haven’t lost again since with their regular season record being 15-1. There are many predictions about the final score of the game, but we simply won’t know until game day this Sunday. Whether you’re sporting Panthers light-blue and black or Broncos navy and orange, there are sure to be ups and downs by both teams in the most important game of the year.

The Super Bowl is a well known tradition among many families. Whether you tune in for the commercials, come for your grandmother’s homemade queso dip, watch the beloved half-time show or sport your team’s colors and shout at a screen helplessly, you just can’t escape the question this weekend, “Are you watching the Super Bowl?”

On top of the simple annual tradition, this year’s Super Bowl marks 50 years of the event, but the tradition has changed a little bit. In years past, the game number was marked by roman numerals; this year, it’s just plain-jane numbers. According to USA Today, there were concerns about the game being called Super Bowl “L”. No sweat though, the classic roman numerals will return next year.

Traditionally, there will be many people viewing the game and according to Forbes Magazine, this match-up is likely to break television viewership records. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, the half-time show is worth a watch. The star athletes aren’t the only ones performing their best on Levi’s Stadium’s field this Sunday. To provide a break between the intense rivalry, the beloved half-time show this year will feature Beyonce and Coldplay. With all of the anticipation and preparations, Super Bowl Sunday is sure to be a great day for friends, family and football.

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