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Post by Taylor Antal

This Friday, Feb. 5, stand-up comedian Jen Kober will be gracing the stage in the Kellogg Center at Albion College with her lively and fearless attitude at 8 p.m., in the hopes to entertain and engage students.

Be prepared to get involved in this act because Kober is not afraid to communicate directly with her audiences.  “I improvise a lot. I like interacting with and talking to people while I’m on stage,” she said.

Putting together these acts and performing in front of people comes naturally to Kober.  She’s always been interested in comedy, saying that it is “just something that I’ve always done.”

As a female in the world of entertainment, Kober has not faced any major disadvantages.  She remains very optimistic about this explaining, “If you’re funny, I don’t think it matters if you’re a woman or a man.”  She then went on to explain how some people are funny and others are just not.  If there are disadvantages that come with being a female comedian, Kober does not let them affect her.  Some of her bigger appearances have been on ABC’s show The Middle and BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood, starring Kevin Hart.  On the set of Real Husbands of Hollywood, Kober referred to herself as “just the funny white girl on set.”  

While on set Kober got the opportunity to observe Kevin Hart and his friends interact and just be themselves. “I get to eat lunch right next to Nelly, that’s pretty cool,” Kober said.

Kober first got involved in performing at colleges when she got her own specific college agent who started setting her up at different schools.  She says that she likes performing at college campuses because the audience always relates really well to the jokes and stories that she shares.

If you like Kober’s act at Albion, you can find more of her comedic sass on Snap Judgment, which airs on NPR on Saturday Feb. 6.  This is a live storytelling event where Kober tells a tale with her feelings towards Girl Scout Cookies.  So far in her life in the entertainment business, doing this show has been the highlight of her career.  Snap Judgement was performed and taped in Brooklyn, New York, with a live audience back in May, and since then, Kober has been very excited to see everyone’s reactions.  

Kober is no small act, and she is continuing to make a bigger name for herself in the entertainment business.  Make sure to come see her this Friday night, and you’ll be sure to laugh!

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