Alumni Gift Donated to Build and Renovate Homes for Faculty and Staff

Updated on Feb. 19, 2016 at 12:45 p.m.

Alumni Mike (‘85) and Judy (‘86) Harrington announced Friday morning they will be donating a large, seven-figure gift to the college that will allow for the building and remodeling of homes in the community in order to encourage faculty to live in the community instead of commuting from the surrounding areas.

“We think by funding an incentive for faculty and staff to renovate or build new homes near campus, we hope to do (a few) things,” said Mike Harrington. Among these things, the Harringtons hope to accomplish more community-building and economic development in the city.

President Ditzler says he hopes this will accomplish “serendipitous learning,” which would occur as students bump into faculty around town.

A second part of the alumni gift is to be given through scholarships to successful students who are struggling with staying on campus because of financial problems.

The exact date that Harrington’s gift will go into effect is not confirmed, however reports say that it might take place later this year.

“We hope to see tangible progress in 2016,” said Mike Harrington.

Photo by Clare Kolenda


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