Your Ultimate Finals Playlist

Songs to Get You Through 15 Phases of Finals Week

Whether you’re prepared or not, Monday is just two days away. As much as you want to press fast-forward your life, it’s time to face the facts. Four classes worth of final exams and papers are due next week. Just remember: the end is near, and you’re perfectly capable. Before you enter a state of mental turmoil, check out these songs I’ve handpicked to get you through every phase of finals.


Phase 1: Denial

Wasting My Time—Default

We’re in finals week again…wooaahhhh again.


Phase 2: Driving the Struggle Bus

Hard to Concentrate—Red Hot Chili Peppers


Phase 3: Chugging Copious Amounts of Caffeine

The Buzz—Hermitude (feat. Mataya & Young Tapz)


Phase 4: Reaching a Studious State of Mind

Soulfight—The Revivalists


Phase 5: Break Time

Stolen Dance—Milky Chance


Phase 6: Approaching Hour 72 at the Library

Stay Alive—José Gonázlez


Phase 7: Insomnia

Nocturne in E-Flat—Frédéric Chopin


Phase 8: Wearing Your Third Groufit of the Week

Oops…I Did It Again—Britney Spears


Phase 9: Walking into a Final

Back in Black—ACDC


Phase 10: False Sense of Invincibility

Who Gon Stop Me—JAY Z, Kanye West

(found on Spotify or iTunes)


Phase 11: Turning in a Final

Livin’ On A Prayer—Bon Jovi


Phase 12: Realizing You Just Bombed Said Final



Phase 13: Acing a Final You Thought You Were Going to Bomb

Blessings—Big Sean, Drake


Phase 14: Reaching the Finish Line

Here Comes the Sun—The Beatles


Phase 15: Packing Your Things for Winter Break

Closing Time—Semisonic


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