All of the Power: Profile on Shane Powers

During one Baldwin’s busiest hours, packed full of hungry students rushing to claim a table, Shane Powers is sighted amidst the crowd. On top of his job as a marketing manager for Baldwin, the Eat Shop, and the Grinds, Powers can be seen constantly chatting to students and offering them samples too while making sure everyone is enjoying the food. The other little things he does for his job include supplying the right information on the menus and making sure that everyone – vegan, vegetarian, anyone with allergies and others included – have something that they can eat at Baldwin.

Yet that’s not all that Powers does. He is the man behind the pizza and coffee during midterms idea, where students had the opportunity to receive pizza, coffee and hot chocolate on select days during the week of midterms.

“He was very nice and he’d make sure you got everything you want, and the next day he’d ask if you liked it,” said junior transfer student from Detroit, Hannah Butler.

Now that Finals are coming up though, everyone is wondering what and if Shane will be doing anything for these days.

“I’m in the process of what I’m going to do for finals to top [midterms] … I am going to do something; it’s just a matter of what,” said Powers.

“He’s always just walking around and talking to the students, which I really like because he actually asks our input and asks what we like or don’t like,” said James Stanulis, a sophomore from Flower Mound, Tex.

It’s not just Albion students that Powers invests in, but his own children as well.

“I like to watch my kids play sports,” said Powers, as he explained that his daughter plays soccer, track and basketball, along with powder puff football this season. His son also plays soccer and he built a half-court in the backyard for their soccer practices.

Additionally, Powers is very much involved in fantasy sports. “I’m in like eight fantasy football leagues right now,” said Powers. Before Albion College, he worked with kids who had disabilities. Before that, he also worked for the Eaton Rapids public schools.

“My hobbies mainly are keeping the kids happy,” says Powers and not just his kids but the students at Albion College also. “[On Halloween,] I actually went down to the swim meet on Saturday morning and went down in the squirrel costume.”

Powers dedication shows through the way he interacts with students and his commitment to the college.

“He seems to care a lot about us and his job,” Adrianna Ledonne, a freshman from LaPorte, Ind said.

“To me, it’s fun,” said Powers. “I love interacting with the students and just hanging out, being around them and finding out what they want.”


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