There Should Be an App for That

We’ve all heard the familiar phrase, “There’s an app for that!” Apps are created to make our lives easier and solve some of our first world “struggles”. But what apps are there that could make the lives of Albion College students easier? The Pleiad staff brainstormed some app ideas that could make the day of an Albion Brit that much better. We’ll just leave it to someone more technologically advanced to create them.

So here is the list of should be apps:

Brit Sports Notifications

Are two of your favorite sports playing at the same time? Did your favorite team travel a little too far to follow this week? Look no further than Brit Sports Notification, a live athletics update application. Stream all Briton sports live and never miss a single minute of the action. Whether you’re sitting in the football stands or on the bleachers at a swim meet, it’ll feel like you’re in two places at once.

You’ve Got Mail

Get a notification every time a piece of mail slips into your mailbox. Never again run the risk of pure disappointment from not having mail. Receive a banner update on your device and head to the KC at your convenience with confidence that there’s mail waiting for you.

Wifi Webmap

There’s nothing like getting to your favorite study spot just to find out that the wifi is slack-a-lackin’ today. Never face that struggle again once you download the Albion Wifi Webmap. This map would have a comprehensive wifi service map coded with red, yellow, and green based on how strong the wifi is in different areas on campus. This app would allow you to always make the right decision and pick a spot that’s glowing green to study or stream Netflix.

Albion Student Time Clock

Any student employee knows the struggle of trying to clock in and out on your mobile device. Feel at ease as you open up your student time clock application and click a simple button that states “punch in” or “punch out”. The application would also feature simple functions to look at pay stubs, time sheets and payroll dates.

Fit Brit

You can’t find the motivation to go for a run or improve on your fitness goals? Download Fit Brit and get motivation from Brit Briton, our mascot, as you go for a run. He can jog along with you and let you know when you’ve reached mile markers. He’ll also encourage you to speed up if your pace has started to slow down, since Brits don’t quit. You can also use this app to check what times the Dow is open and when sports teams are using certain areas.

Eat Shop Traffic App

The Eat Shop Traffic App would solve any dilemma about where to get your meal from. The application would tell you how long the wait in line is for food at the Eat Shop and what they’re out of — because nothing’s worse than waiting in line for 15 minutes for an item they are out of. With this app you wouldn’t have to worry if they’ll be out of what you want when you get there. You also will know if you have enough time to grab a quick meal before your next class or meeting.

Squirrel Cam

We could not forget an app involving squirrels! Do you miss seeing them when you go home on break?  With the Squirrel Cam app you can watch them from wherever and bring the campus to you. The app would provide an aerial view of the quad so you can watch them run around, a view of one of their nests in the trees for a closer shot and a tinier camera attached to a squirrel so you can see the campus from the squirrels perspective.

While these apps don’t exist yet, we certainly think they should.  Apps like the Eat Shop Traffic App or Wifi Webmap might not solve all your problems, but they would help make your experience on campus a bit more stress free.

Photo by Katie Boni

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Katie is a senior from St. Clair, Michigan. She is a double major in English and communications who loves reading for fun, performing music, and dogs. She is part of the Honors Program and the Editor-In-Chief of The Albion Review. She looks forward to working in the book publishing field after graduation.

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