Midterm Management: How to Get Through Midterms Without Losing Your Mind

It’s one of the most stressful times of the year, and if you google tips on how to survive it, you’re probably going to find the cliche responses: Don’t pull all nighters, don’t play on your phone while studying and listen to classical music. All the things we already knew, right?

So, here’s some real tips on surviving midterms at Albs, no B.S.

1. Make a useful to-do list.

There’s no better feeling than crossing off a task on a giant list of to-dos. Start with prioritizing everything you need to get done and ranking them on your list. Having a visual list in front of you will help you see the things you’ve accomplished and work towards completing all of your goals. Try to stay away from putting broad things like “study for psych” on your list. At the end of the day you’re not going to be able to cross that off until the exam is over.

2. All-nighter done right.

If you’ve found yourself going against the basic advice, and you’re not going to get your eight hours, have a strategy as you start the night. Leta Shy, a Shape Fitness Magazine journalist reported that taking just a 10-20 minute nap can help you retrieve a second wind and feel much more rested. While coffee and energy drinks can be very effective in keeping you awake, make sure you’re being careful not to consume too much. If you’re going to be munching, eat something with protein and useful sugars like nuts and fruit. Drink water—and lots of it—to stay hydrated. This is a very important part of staying awake and healthy. And finally, make sure to get up and take the occasional victory lap around the library each time you cross a task of your to-dos or just to stay awake.

3. Phone lockup.

It’ll be hard, maybe even painful, but if you can summon the strength to give up your phone, the library will lock it up for four hours at a time. It is amazing how much more you can get done without a single temptation of looking at your device. There is no time limit that you’re 100 percent committed to when you give your phone up, you can get your device back for your study breaks and dinner time, but it’s nice having it out of your hair.

4. Blacklist your weaknesses.

If you go to selfcontrolapp.com you can download an app that may turn out to be more useful than Angry Birds and even Snapchat. When you download this app you can blacklist websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., so that you can focus on the tasks in front of you.

5. Take advantage of Baldwin’s midterm specials.

On Oct. 5 and 7, Baldwin will have pizzas available from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. for only $10. If you email the Bon Appetit staff, they would be happy to take your pizza order and have a fresh one out for you.

On Oct. 6 and 8, there will be late night coffee delivery. Here’s the best part, the coffee is free. Free coffee delivery? Better take advantage of that. For late night delivery times, just follow Baldwin’s twitter.

6. Set multiple alarms.

Especially when you’re pulling all-nighters. The last thing you want to do is wake up in a state of confusion and realize that you missed your morning exam. Set a few different alarms to make sure that it’s near impossible to sleep through them.

Whether you’re a senior or a freshman, follow these tips and they’ll have you cruising through midterms like a pro. Now quit reading this and get back to the books. Good luck!

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