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The college life consists of hour-long to three-hour-long classes, never-ending homework and the option of a social life or sleep. Yet somehow, students attain the ability to include Netflix into their busy days. Entertainment like Netflix helps provide an escape to college students. After a long day – or week – of tests and papers, sitting back and watching Parks and Recreation or 21 Jump Street is a nice getaway for the typical college student. So, in case any student has finished watching a show or is simply clueless on what to start watching, here are eight shows ranging from comedy and drama to adventure and horror:

Orange is the New Black

Consisting of three seasons so far, the show introduces a wide range of intense scenes (dramatic and intimate) with crazy and intriguing characters. The main character, Piper Chapman, is engaged. Unfortunately, she is sentenced to a year in prison for aiding a drug dealer. While the show primarily focuses around Piper’s experience in women’s prison, it also showcases other character’s backgrounds, creating a complex plot and engaging characters. As a show full of change and drama, Orange is the New Black follows the story of a convict who loses the comfort of her old life and becomes imprisoned in a new and hectic environment.

Blue Mountain State

A show for the sports fans, the plot centers on Alex Moran, a back-up playing for a college team. As a back-up, his role on the team lacks responsibility and he spends much of his time drinking and partying. This way of life is suddenly interrupted as he is advanced up to starting for the team. The show follows Alex as he confronts his problems, while also helping his friends survive the drama that comes with college. Blue Mountain State connects with the hardships of college and provides comedy to the life of an athletic college student.

Breaking Bad

Two friends, Walter and Jesse, fight to pay off extreme medical bills by becoming notorious and widely known meth dealers. Even after multiple occurrences of getting caught, they continue their production of the drug in hopes of one day paying off all of their debts and beginning a new life. The two partners in crime are met with many challenges as their job takes them down dark roads and relentless troubles. Breaking Bad is a must for any interested in the crime and thriller genre.

The Walking Dead

The show reveals a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies referred to as walkers – one bite from them inflicts the change.  Living in this broken world, three characters – Rick, Carl, and Daryl – fight to stay alive and find refuge. Their journey takes them to places they never would have imagined to find safety and perhaps a cure, if they make it that long.

New Girl

A young woman breaks up with her cheating boyfriend and, heartbroken, moves away to live in an apartment with three guys. She is a teacher and, as the story develops, she advances to the position as a principle. New Girl is a comedy that follows an outspoken and quirky girl as she attempts to get her life back together after her breakup.


The show focuses on the adventure of the marvel hero, Green Arrow. The hero is a billionaire who, by day, is a public spokesman trying to financially better his city. Yet, by night he is a vigilante who protects the city from the criminals that the police force can’t catch. In a sense, this show compares with the batman movie series, as the two are billionaire heroes protecting their city from corruption. Arrow is an action adventure show no marvel hero fan can miss out on.


Two brothers, Sam and Dean, are your above-average demon hunters, ridding the world of what we can’t see. Sam is destined to lead an army of demons in destroying the world, yet with Dean’s help, they accomplish everything in their power to fight against the prophecy and wipe the demons off the earth. As a fantasy and horror show, Supernatural contains the bloody violence and dark situations any horror-lover will crave.


The show centers on the Bravermans family. The parents have two sons and two daughters, all of whom are also parents. In this dramatic show, the characters, in comedic and serious ways, try to live up to how parents should be. Parenthood portrays the struggles of being a parent, a spouse, and an employee as a drama and comedy show.

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