A Thrilling Occasion

On Saturday, Oct. 31  at 6:30 p.m., zombies will invade the Quad at Albion College.

Don’t worry, it’s not the zombie apocalypse—college students and community members will come together dressed as zombies to perform Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in flash mob style, including giant puppets. The event, called Thriller Day, will finish off Albion College’s annual Halloween Spooktacular festivities.

The performance will begin with a zombie-themed acapella number from the Briton singers, followed by the “Thriller” flash mob. The event also includes an ofrenda exhibit in Upper Baldwin Hall. Everything is free and open to the public.

Both individuals and organizations can publically display their ofrendas. Ofrendas are altars or shrines honoring dead loved ones, commemorating historical figures or drawing attention to social issues. The creation of ofrendas is an important part of Mexican culture surrounding the Day of the Dead. The ofrendas exhibit at Albion will stay up until Nov. 3.

According to thrillerday.net, Thriller Day’s official website, the Thriller flash mob parallels comparsas, or street performers that participate in some regional Day of the Dead celebrations.

The Thriller Day event is meant to educate people about Latin American culture in a fun way, as well as facilitate community connection. Thrillerday.net cites a Stanford study that found participation in a cultural activity may reduce prejudice.

Thriller Day preparation has kept Theater Department Professor Amber Cook busy. Both her costume design and First Year Experience classes are participating.

“It is my hope that this is an event that welcomes people to campus in a fun and artistic way that encourages a hands-on approach to our campus,” Cook said.  She added that she is looking forward to seeing her students’ finished projects.

Albion College’s “Inhabiting Albion” humanities lab is hosting Thriller Day. The lab involves multiple departments, students and on and off campus groups.

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