Why Students Are Hesitant to Seek Counseling

Entering a new environment like college impacts students in so many ways. From stress levels, to relationships and networking, the students’ workloads changes drastically. Some of the impacts of these changes can affect them in ways that they don’t realize until it’s too late.

It’s important to be mindful. Students often get excited to get to school and join many clubs, organizations and teams that interest them. However, this process of change and transition in students’ lives can be chaotic and upsetting. Understanding, coping and dealing with these times can be difficult. Whether it’s doing poorly on a test, dealing with a breakup, struggling with eating disorders or dealing with trauma, students should always feel comfortable and willing to seek as much help as they need. However, students don’t always jump the gun when it comes to getting help.

Jessica McKindles, Kingsford senior, conducted research for the  FURSCA program with Dr. Eric Hill. What McKindles wanted to know was why are people hesitant towards getting help. She learned why people are prejudiced towards those seeking counseling.  According to the Journal of Counseling Psychology, the reason students don’t seek counseling and other mental health services is because the “stigma associated with mental illness and seeking treatment.” It seems that it’s not just having a disorder but seeking the psychological services that are stigmatized by others.

McKindles’ research revealed that seeking help on intimate aspects of one’s life is linked to their willingness and ability to reveal themselves to others. Someone’s own perceptions and beliefs to accept and seek professional counseling for their psychological problems may be hindered by the judgment they feel from their family and peers.

Because students are more hesitant to seek help due to the judgment from others instead of for their own needs, it makes it very difficult for students and staff to meet expectations. Counseling Services are available and more than willing to help. But the demand from students for counseling is where there’s a problem.

Albion College strives to enhance personal and academic functioning. By assisting students in overcoming personal, emotional and psychological issues that impact their chance of reaching academic success and goals, Counseling Services educate students about mental wellness and healthy lifestyle choices.

College is a difficult thing to adapt to and many students don’t always recognize the stress they’re dealing with. Know that there is always someone to talk to about things going on that are concerning on or off campus. Counseling Services promotes the intellectual, emotional and personal growth of Albion College students through psychological services and programs.

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