Albion Native, Forrest Jackson, Leads Marshall Football Team to a Win Against Rival Lumen Christi

Guest Post by Morgan Garmo

Friday night, Sept. 25, the Marshall Football team defeated Lumen Christi, 21-14, at Albion College, breaking Lumen Christi’s 20 year winning streak against Marshall. This game was more than a rivalry. It symbolized two communities, Albion and Marshall, becoming united.

Forrest Jackson, an Albion resident, Marshall running back and captain, said, “I think it was an excellent idea that they combined Albion and Marshall together because it gives people a chance to meet new people and come together as one.”

The stands were full and the crowd was roaring with excitement throughout the game. After the first quarter, it was difficult to tell which team dominated the field, but by the second quarter Marshall began to set the tone of the game. Bystanders could hear the crowd screaming “run Forest run,” as Forrest Jackson ran down the side of the field to help Marshall claim their first touchdown. Fans cheered their support while the football team was embracing each other in celebration, but the game had only just begun.

During a pregame interview Jackson said, “This team is my family. I am very glad to be part of this Marshall family.” The players’, coaches’ and fans’ commitment to each other was evident throughout the game. The second quarter concluded with Chris Upright claiming Marshall’s second touchdown.

As the second half of the game began, both teams came out fighting. Jackson claimed the third touchdown for his team and Lumen Christi claimed two in return.

Toward the middle of the fourth quarter Marshall fans were on the edge of their seats, waiting for the referees to decide who would receive the ball after a punt made by Lumen Christi. The decision was made and Lumen Christi would receive the ball. Fans were enraged and many questioned how much Lumen Christi paid the refs during half time. Although the call did not go in Marshall’s favor, the defense lined up to pounce into battle.

As the clock began to run, fans stood on their toes waiting for the moment of victory. Once the clock hit zero, fans and players alike cheered, knowing that they have set new standards for their team. During an after game interview, Jackson said, “Beating Lumen was something me and my [teammates] always wanted to do and we finally accomplished that. We ruined their winning streak[…] I loved playing on the Albion College field.”

Jackson ran for 240 yards during the game to help his team claim a win in his hometown. Not only did Marshall beat Lumen Christi, but they also denied them their 400th win in program history and broke their 22-game regular season winning streak.


Photo by Morgan Garmo

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