Sigma Chi House Stands Vacant

On Albion College’s campus, the corner of East Erie Street and South Hannah Street is typically a place where you can find Sigma Chi Fraternity brothers outside playing corn hole, blasting music and tossing a football around. The front door is almost always propped and the porch packed.

However, if you walk past the corner you’ll notice the large fluorescent Greek letters that once hung on the outside of the house are gone. The building is vacant and members of the Alpha Pi chapter are currently living in residential housing. Rumors have been swirling around campus about the possible reasons why, but no hard facts have been confirmed.

Jonathon Collier, assistant director for Greek life and student organizations, said, “There were some actions in the past that were inconsistent with the ideals of the chapter and in conflict with the high standards of the International Fraternity and the College. Sigma Chi members at the undergraduate, local, and international levels regret previous missteps. Undergraduate chapter leadership has managed this situation in a mature fashion and continues to embrace what is best for the Alpha Pi chapter, Sigma Chi international Fraternity, and the College.”

Collier has verified that Sigma Chi is still an active student organization on Albion’s campus and said, “During this time of renewal, the chapter house will not be occupied by undergraduates to allow members to focus on the important tasks at hand.”

No comment was given regarding the length of time the fraternity house will be vacant.  The president of the fraternity was also contacted, but no comment was given.

Photo by Kit Maher


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