Letter to Students: What are You Searching For?

With modern technology practically everywhere we look, the answer to almost any question can be found literally at our fingertips. Questions that used to take careful and methodical research can now be answered with a few clicks on a keyboard. Problems that would take many laborious hours now can be answered quickly and efficiently, with little brain power expended.

However, when it comes to some of the bigger questions in life, it gets harder to answer those questions. Unfortunately, that cleverly animated Google logo won’t tell you what major you should choose. Search engines can’t decide if going greek is right for you. It won’t be able to tell you what career path you should follow and technology can’t inform you whether that shirt really goes with those shorts. These are all things you need to discover on your own.

Every student on this campus, whether a freshman or super senior, is searching for something. It could be inspiration, community or purpose. They could be searching for something to satisfy them immediately or impact them long after they’ve graduated college. It’s that something that drives us to explore our surroundings, meet new people and strive for something…more.

My hope for the Pleiad is that it will aid you on your journey. Maybe it can help you find that answer you are chasing after.

Here you’ll find a place to read stories about local community members and students just like you who are finding their purpose in this world. People who are trying to make the world a better place, marching to the beat of their own drum or, mostly likely, a little bit of both.

This is a space where you can go to know about the latest events and news on campus to keep you informed as well as inspire you on your journey as a Brit. You’ll read about cool events to be a part of and events happening in town that will, hopefully, open your eyes to the community around you that exists beyond the college’s campus.

This is a site where you turn to learn more about what’s happening around the world and a starting point for you to ponder the questions of current events happening in our state, our country and beyond. The Pleiad is a site where you can gain more knowledge, if not just so that you have a few topics to talk about with your Aunt Gertrude at your next big family gathering.

I hope you’ll use The Pleiad along your journey as a Brit. If you have a story idea, would like to guest post or have an idea of what you’d like to see on the website, email us at Pleiad@albion.edu. I’m committed to keeping this a transparent publication that is writes accurately and truthfully. Let us know if you see any errors or misrepresented facts so that we can strive for always reporting the truth.

There are over 1,300 students here on campus, but regardless of our majors or backgrounds we are all searching for something. Whether you follow us on our Facebook page, our Twitter account, or just staying connected on the website, I believe this can be a space that will assist you in finding whatever you may be looking for.

Clare Kolenda


About Clare Kolenda 35 Articles
Clare Kolenda is a Grand Rapids, Mich., senior, a lover of words and all things coffee. She's passionate about writing stories that feature the everyday heroes of the community.

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