Albion College appoints Marc Roy as new Provost

On Friday, May 1, Albion College officials announced the appointment of Dr. Marc Roy to the position of Provost.

Roy previously served as provost at Goucher College in Maryland, and currently sits as the board chair of the American Conference of Academic Deans. Roy’s career spans over twenty-five years in academia, having served as both faculty and administrator at liberal arts institutions in Iowa and Maryland. Roy is an expert in neuroendocrinology of sexual differentiation and reproductive behavior, which is the study of how the nervous system interacts with the body’s hormone production.

In an email interview with The Pleiad, Roy spoke about the values that were important to him as a provost, his desire to create a diverse environment on campus, and why he came to Albion.

“As a person and as a provost, there are a few values that are very important to me,” Roy wrote. “Most important is our integrity. Nobody can take it from us, but we can give it away in a few moments. That means I will make a promise when I am confident that I can keep it, and I will do my best to honor my promises and commitments. I also believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect irrespective of their background, their job, or any other characteristics.”

In response to a question asking what he thought the role of the Provost is in establishing a diverse academic environment on campus, Roy acknowledged the difficulty of the task but did not shy away from it.

“Diversity takes many forms and it takes everyone working together to create a diverse and welcoming environment,” Roy said. “As provost, I can lead, with others, the efforts to create a more diverse campus. We need to remember that it is a job that is never complete and we can always do more and do better.”

Sally Walker, vice-president for student affairs for Albion College, was co-chair of the committee that selected Roy. In an email statement to The Pleiad, Walker was confident in the committee’s choice.

“Dr. Roy brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role as the new academic leader of Albion,” Walker said. He understands and values the totality of students’ experiences and will be an active participant in student life on campus.”

Walker also touched on Roy’s commitment to diversity.

“The enhancement of diversity, inclusion, and pluralism are inherent in how he frames his approach to his work,” Walker said.

Details on the College’s diversity plan were not available at press time.

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