La Casa Mexicana to close, be replaced by Chipotle

Sadly, a place many students have called home is closing. La Casa Mexicana is closing their doors for good at the end of this school year.

Owner Gorge Jarcia opened La Casa in 2007 and since then has prospered in the Albion community. Jarcia commented on the tragedy.

“Unfortunately I have been called back home to Guadalajara, Mexico to take over the family business: bull castration.”

Jarcia is looking forward to taking over his family’s business, which has been in Jarcia hands for over a century. The Jarcias sell their “product” to food providers worldwide, such as Taco Bell and McDonald’s.

Despite his excitement at this next chapter in his life, Jarcia knew he couldn’t leave Albion without something for the community he has served to remember La Casa by. He sunk all of La Casa’s profits into a new business venture for the city.

“After receiving the news that I would have to return home, I thought it would be important to leave a bit of my legacy here in the city of Albion. Knowing how vital authentic Mexican food and culture is to the community, I have decided to help put a Chipotle right next to where La Casa is now.”

When news spread to campus, many students had mixed feelings about the situation. Molly Watur Bloomfield Hills junior, was extremely pleased.
“I am just really excited to have a Chipotle open in Albion. I cannot think of a better, more authentic Mexican restaurant to sit down and eat with my friends.”

While Darold Ferguson East Lansing sophomore stood in shock to the news and eventually replied with “ I have no reason to attend Albion anymore. La Casa was the only decent place left for food. Why would I want a Chipotle in town, when I’m not sure if they are using cat or dog meat ?”

Despite the mixed feelings regarding this change, Jarcia hopes that the new Chipotle will be able to make up for the closing of his beloved home, La Casa Mexicana.

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