Gallery: Bohm Theatre reopens downtown

A view of the Bohm lit up at night.

Additional reporting by Josh Van Laan

The Bohm is back and better than before.

On Thursday, Oct. 16, the Albion community came together to celebrate the reopening of the city’s historic downtown Bohm Theatre. The event began with a ribbon cutting ceremony involving many of the leaders of and contributors to the restoration effort. The actual ribbon-cutting was done by Albion Mayor Joe Domingo. The event drew approximately 250 people, including many students, faculty and staff from Albion College.

After the ribbon-cutting, the beautiful new marquee was lit up to thunderous applause. The event then moved inside the theatre, where guests were able to briefly tour it before sitting down to enjoy the first film that ever showed there in 1929: a Laurel and Hardy comedy named The Hoose-Gow. The inside of the theatre was electrified with laughter and applause throughout the film, which was followed by a demonstration of the capabilities of the new screen and sound system.

Though the film was enjoyable, it wasn’t fully perfect, due to numerous camera flashes from photographers that were allowed on-stage, as well as the fact that chandelier lighting was left fully on during it.

As attendees filed out of the building, they couldn’t help but look up and be amazed by the new marquee lit up under the cover of nightfall, reading “Thank you Albion.” Thank you, Bohm Theatre, for bringing the magic of the movies back to the city.

Click through the gallery below for a look at  some pictures from the evening.

Photos by Jack Mattern and Josh Van Laan

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