Brief: Mad Men season seven to conclude series

AMC’s Mad Men will premiere this Sunday, April 19. A Beautiful Mine is now set as my iPhone’s alarm clock, so I know the next season is finally here.

Matthew Weiner, series creator and executive producer, split Mad Men:  The Beginning in two parts.  Parts one and two will each feature seven episodes of the final season. The first half will air this spring, and the second half won’t be released until 2015. Maddicts still need to wait another year to see how Don’s story ends.

Some critics predict that Peggy is going to take over SC&P and that Sally will attend Woodstock. The last episode of season six closed with Don showing Sally his childhood home with hopes of mending their broken father-daughter relationship. Joan will likely test the limits of SC&P’s male-dominated office.

Dianne Sawyer’s exclusive with the cast is set to air tomorrow tonight at 10 p.m., and they’ll discuss the series’ ending. Most of them have lived in the 60s together since 2007. Christina Hendricks [Joan], Jon Hamm [Don], Elizabeth Moss [Peggy] and Vincent Kartheiser [Pete] should very well consider this the hallmark of their careers. Kiernan Shipka [Sally] has spent most of her life on the set.

Though its all ending, I’m most looking forward to Pete Campbell finding other pocket squares that aren’t the same pattern as his ties. Other than the assassinations of MLK and JFK, I think that was the worst thing to happen during the 1960s. And hopefully Jessica Paré will give us another rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou.”

On another note, if the Albion College sociology department doesn’t offer a course on Miley Cyrus, can students register for Mad Men:  Media, Gender, Historiography for the fall 2014 semester?  If not Don’s Canadian Club whiskey, we’ll need something to bridge the gap between the season’s ending.

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