Flirty Girl Fitness takes the drudgery out of workouts

Speakers suddenly roar to life. Lana Del Ray’s smooth voice pours through the sound system.

Soft yellow light is reflected in a set of full-length mirrors, at which four girls glance while they move to the music.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30–5:30 p.m., Fort Wayne, Ind., junior Holley Taylor hosts Flirty Girl Fitness. Set in Kresge Hall’s dance studio, the program offers an alternative workout.

Rather than hit the treadmill or elliptical, participants can get into shape and relieve stress through several fun dance routines.

According to the Flirty Girl Fitness website, dancers “will feel like they’re part of a music video rather than in a cardio crazy, core chiseling, booty toning, arm sculpting workout class.”

At the start of class, Taylor runs through a few key moves, explaining them step-by-step. Once these primary moves are practiced, new ones are introduced.

Last Thursday, Taylor debuted moves like “Hammer,” “Pop It,” “Obliques,” “XOXO,” “Bend and Snap” and the “Wobble.” The wide variety of steps keeps Flirty Girl refreshing.

Taylor brought the program to Albion last spring. While Flirty Girl torches up to 1,000 calories in one hour, it’s not repetitive or grueling like most workouts.

“I like the program because you work out almost without knowing it,” Taylor said. “The dance moves are fun and upbeat but also specially designed to work certain muscle groups, so you really do tone up and build muscle strength and definition.”

Sarah Cowie, a first-year from Troy, agrees.

“You don’t feel like you’re getting a workout, you just know you’re having fun,” she said.

Though Taylor doesn’t have a favorite dance move, she enjoys the most engaging ones.

“I like the dances that are designed to work your legs and butt because I always feel those most, and then I’m know I’m really working hard,” she said.

But Taylor also attends to the moves the other participants like, as well.

“I also really like the moves that the girls get into,” Taylor said. “It’s fun when people play around with it and really get into it.”

If you’re struggling to exercise, Taylor recommends finding a workout partner.

“I’m always more motivated when I know people are counting on me and can hold me accountable,” she said.

For those looking to tone up or simply brush off a long day, grab a friend and head over to Flirty Girl Fitness. Your muscles will thank you for it.

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