Celebrating Islam Awareness Week

Islam Awareness Week began Monday, March 17 with events around campus that hoped to spark insight and understanding. Albion College’s Intercultural Affairs members are eager to enjoy and learn from the informative week, and the on-campus Muslim Student Association is hard at work to make this celebration of Islamic religion count.

The week consists of programs put on by Albion’s Muslim Student Association, in hopes of amplifying attentiveness to Muslim belief and other cultures that are closely associated with the Islamic way of life.  Comparable programs are commonly done around the country by other MSA chapters on other campuses, and Albion College looks to unite again in the annual series of events.

Monday the Muslim Student Association handed out free Hijabs in the Kellogg Center. Tuesday the organization hosted Chai Night at the Umbrella House from 8-10 p.m.

President of Albion College’s Muslim Student Association, Safiya Syed, Troy sophomore, is determined to make an impact on the residents of Albion College. Syed hopes to educate and raise awareness to about Islam on campus and is currently planning events with her on-campus group for the week.

“Islamic Awareness Week is our biggest event,” Syed said.  “The events that we have planned for this week will hopefully help people understand and learn about Islamic culture. Our next event, Chai Night, will be in April. We hope to come with bigger events for next year.”

Megan Sheridan, DeWitt sophomore, is also working hard for the Muslim Student Association. Being a member of the organization, Sheridan has seen first-hand the effort that is put forth to make an impact on Albion College’s campus. Sheridan spoke about why Islam Awareness Week was close to her heart.

“I think it’s important for students to learn about other cultures as this can create opportunities into a world a student may not have known about,” Sheridan said.  “For me, it is an opportunity to connect with other people and broaden my view of the world.”

Dan McQuown, the Albion College Chaplin and director of global diversity, is also eager to see how Islam Awareness Week is received on Albion’s campus. As Chaplin, McQuown coordinates campus spiritual life and serves to help groups and or individuals develop spiritually as well.

“The week offers a chance for Albion College to celebrate diversity and continue growing as an educational community,” McQuown said.  “For those involved with diversity work on campus, the week is an opportunity to directly address islamophobia and show solidarity.  The week benefits Albion College as a whole, as we continue to live out our core commitment to being a place for all faiths. I’m so proud of our small and mighty Muslim Student Association! I hope everyone will take an opportunity to enjoy Islam Awareness Week.”

Wednesday the Muslim Student Association is hosting a Henna Party at the Umbrella House from 8:00-10:00 p.m. The group will wrap things up Thursday with a dinner at the Umbrella house from 6-8 p.m. All events are free and open to the public.

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