Can the Galaxy s5 sway the mind of consumers?

In the ever-changing world of technology, consumers all over the world are obsessed with being up to date with the best device on the market. As the market continues to expand, both Apple and Google are in constant competition releasing revamped versions of their older products, and it can be hard to tell which product is actually better. With the iPhone 5s being the top phone on the market, according to a report in January by Techradar. Will the release of the new Galaxy s5 be able to compete with Apple’s popularity?

When the iPhone 5s was released in September 2013, consumers were excited because the new phone offered an almost entirely new interface and gave users features that should have already been there. Being able to see timestamps in messages, taking multiple pictures at once, and the addition of filters for your photos sounded cool, but what Apple was really only playing catch-up.

“Google is a lot more broad minded than Apple,” shared Rahul Raj, Northville first-year and IT student assistant.“Google has developed Android,which is a lot more customizable than Apple’s iOS.”

Raj is right. Apple’s iOS lacks the ability to allow you fully customize your device the way that you want to.  Android gives users the opportunity to create an interface that is completely unique to them with widgets and apps that expand the platform. Consumers like products that fit the way they use them show off who they are, and that’s what Apple isn’t offering. Apple is known for sticking to their own ideas, and not considering what the public’s opinion is.

Features on the new Galaxy s5 clearly show that Google does what the consumer wants. The new phone will include a finger scanner like the iPhone 5s but also features high-speed internet that allows you to use LTE and Wi-Fi together for an unrivaled network experience. If those two features aren’t already making you drool then maybe the new S Health feature will, which keeps track of your walking distance, speed, calories, and heartbeat. The phone also offers an ultra power saving mode to keep your battery going all day and is dust and water resistant so you don’t have to worry about using your phone in any situation.

So what does Apple have to do in order to keep their popularity after the release of s5? In my opinion, I don’t think Apple actually has to do anything. Sure the s5 offers us features that some of us won’t be able to resist, but as long as Apple keeps pumping out new products, their sleek designs will remain popular with their loyal followers.

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