Do’s and Don’ts for Valentine’s Day

Don’t be cheesy.

Unless the sappy romantic gig has actually been working for you, don’t buy into the commercialized bull crap that is flooding retail stores right now. You don’t need to buy a giant box of chocolates, huge heart-shaped balloons or an enormous teddy bear. Keep it original

Do plan a little something nice for that special guy or gal.

If you are dating someone, it’s nice to do a little something as a reminder that he or she is important to you. Depending on how long you have been with this person, buying a small thoughtful gift, writing a simple card or doing a little extra something are all simple ways to show a little extra affection on this special day.

Don’t freak out if you don’t have that “special someone”

So you’re single and you haven’t found that perfect person yet. So what? Don’t let one day of over-exaggerated hype about love make you feel bad about your life. Just turn on your favorite music and rock the single life!

Do send messages to the other people you care about in your life.

Whether by letter, email, text or KC box, sending a little note or a candy gram to your friends or family is a nice and simple way to spread the love on Valentine’s Day. This holiday doesn’t just have to be celebrated between significant others.

Don’t send Valentines to professors.

Some professors or coaches might do a little something extra – like using pink paper or passing out candy – this Valentine’s Day during class or practice. Do NOT reciprocate. That’s just weird.

Do “spread the love” this Valentine’s Day.

If nothing else, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to be nice to people. Whether you label yourself as forever alone, happily tied down or single and ready to mingle, try to smile or do something a little extra for people you run into throughout the day. Who knows, a small hello or a compliment might just make someone’s day.

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