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  1. Very interesting article, though it seems like the reason why you chose to write it was to start arguments and combat an article that a person wrote who chose a different path than you.

    I’d like to start off by saying I am a former Albion Greek life member. I spent three years in the greek system and then graduated. I am not going to sugar coat it. The main appeal of Greek Life was living in self governed housing. Sure I made tons of friends during so, both in my house as well as social events with other greek organizations, but guess what, I maybe keep in contact with 5% of those people. Thats real life. Do I regret my choice, of course not. I have many memories that I would not change. Do I say the fraternity’s prayer before I eat dinner still? No I don’t.

    The purpose of Greek life is just for a member to try to become a better person. Thats all it is. There are people who take full advantage of the teachings of that greek organization, and their are people who could care less. When you graduate, its tough to continue to feel that connection. Just like every phase in life. Do people still feel connected to the clubs/sport teams from their high school? I doubt it.

    As stated before, people chose to join these organizations because they think it will better their college experience. Why do you even care? Do these organizations have a direct affect on you? Well based on your facebook it looks like they do (numerous pictures of you partying at a fraternity). So instead of just hating on people for their own decisions, which have no affect on your life, I’d suggest you hang up your fedora and worry about yourself.

    Also, the title of this article is “Why not to go Greek.” I do not see any actual reasons why not to go greek. Did I miss something? If you gave examples such as the benefits of not going greek, be it financially, physically, or educationally, the title would be more applicable, rather than just bashing organizations on preconceived notions.

  2. So you are a great quitter huh? That’s not something to be proud of. My guess is that you joined those groups (a fraternity?) because you believed in what they represented, or you enjoyed the company of their members. Otherwise why join in the first place, right?

    But then you quit. Why the change of heart, if beforehand you were a supporter of their cause/principles? You claim it’s about independence. I think you just wanted the title of being in those groups, but when you found out that being a member came with responsibilities you turned and ran. Keep being a quitter and you will never accomplish anything worthwhile.

  3. The Pleiad finds no instance in this story of plagiarism from totalfratmove.com or any other source.

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