Euphonics gearing up for an amazing year

The Kellogg Center Stack was packed last Wednesday night. The second story was  full with people pressed up against the railing for the best view, the floor was full of people sitting and even standing, and the air was alive with energy. The fall Euphonics concert “Aca-Believe It” was a resounding success.

On Nov. 20, the Albion Euphonics team took the stage, after a brief performance by the Central Michigan Euphonics team, Central Harmony. Each member had a chance to showcase their own special talent and powerful voices in separate songs. Then there was the traditional serenade from the men on the team, this year to Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida.”

The crowd at the concert was something else. There were people waving signs around to support a certain member, cheering and shouts, and always a thunderous applause. Chelsey Woodward, Lansing senior and member of the team, was extremely pleased by the turnout.

“We’ve never, since I’ve been in the group, had that many people at the nine o’clock show,” Woodward said.

Some standouts of the show were a performance of “Mercy on Me” by Megan Nuzzolillo, and the sweet and simple cover of “You and I” performed by Laura Steavenson and Jacob MacDowell.

This year the group is composed of more underclassmen members than usual.

“We have old years and we have new years, and this is definitely a new year,” said Chris Blaker, Farmington senior and president of Euphonics.

“It’s always an adjustment when you bring in new people because you miss the old members, but the new people bring in new talent,” said Woodward. “I think it’s really exciting, it takes adjusting but we always figure it out.”

The first-year and underclassmen members of the team this year really stood out among the older talent. Jess Konieczny, Birch Run first-year, talked about how it felt to enter into such an established group on campus as a first-year.

“It’s kind of nerve-wracking at first because all these people, they’ve been through it before,” said Konieczny. “They’ve done the concerts. They know each other and the routine.”

During her first concert, Konieczny showcased her talent in a duet with Zach Francis performing a cover of “Nothing” by The Script.

“It was really scary, and I thought it was just me because I’m a first-year, and I’d never done it before,” said Konieczny. “But everybody was nervous; we said a prayer, and we huddled up and got mentally focused as a group. Then I just felt ready.”

The entire group is looking forward to this year’s spring concert.

“We’ve all got our feet wet now with how we all fit together and where these voices are going to blend,” Woodward said.

After the great turnout at the fall concert, the Euphonics team should be expecting a lot for their next big performance.

As Blaker said of the team, “It can only get better from here.”

Photo by Emily Miller

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