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Looking for some cheap (and yet still totally excellent) Halloween ideas? The Pleiad has you covered. Check out some easy and still awesome ideas for this upcoming holiday.


1.       Grapes

What you’ll need:

-A long sleeved t-shirt and leggings (red, green, or purple)

-About twelve balloons in a matching color

-Safety pins

-A friend to help

When you’ve put on your leggings and t-shirt, blow up the balloons and have a friend attach them with safety pins to your shirt so you can still sit down. About six on each side should be good. Then you’ll be looking good.


2.       Old Spice Guy

What you’ll need:

-A long sleeved shirt, preferably striped

-A white towel


-Old spice product (optional)

First put on the shorts, and then tie the white towel over them around your hips (make sure it’s secure!). Then, take the long sleeved shirt and knot it around your neck with the sleeves hanging down your chest. Bonus points: carry around an Old Spice product all night!


3.       Negative Pregnancy Test

What you’ll need:

-A pair of white pants

-A white t-shirt

-Red marker or face paint

This one is really simple; once you’ve put on your all white outfit, use a mirror to draw a thick red bar down your face. To make sure your makeup stays on all night, you can dust it with baby powder and use a bit of hairspray if you don’t own a setting spray.


4.       Zoolander

What you’ll need:

-A tight long sleeved shirt with a deep V-neck

-A patterned headband

-Purple Lipstick


-Hair gel

Start by spiking your hair up in the front, then place the headband around your head making sure it pushes the hair up even farther. Then put on your shirt on—make the V-neck deeper if you need to by cutting it with some scissors. After that, apply a generous amount of black eyeliner to the eyes. You can try some of the crazy Zoolander designs if you’re feeling creative. To finish it all off, apply a dark purple lipstick. The key to this costume is to not change your face from Blue Steel all night.


5.       Fresh Prince and Carlton

What you’ll need:


-A light grey sweater vest

-Khaki pants and belt


-A button-up shirt


-A crazy Cosby-esque patterned sweater

-Patterned pants

-Beaded Necklace (Mardi Gras beads will do)

-A baseball cap

For this one, hit up the local Goodwill or Salvation Army to find most of the basics. Carlton will need to put on his sweater vest over the button up (you can even tuck it into the khaki pants before you belt them, and make sure that you never stop dancing and singing). For Will, put your clothing on, and make sure the bill on the baseball hat is turned up most of the way so that the bottom is visible. The beaded necklace should be big, or you can stack several necklaces. Also makes sure the pants and sweater don’t match… at all. Rap if you feel induced to do so.


6.       Gold Digger

What you’ll need:

-An all-black outfit of your choice

-As much fake gold jewelry as you can get your hands on

-A shovel (preferably yellow or gold)

-Headlamp (optional)

Once you’ve put on your outfit—leggings and a t-shirt would be a good choice—layer up all your gold jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, all kinds of jewelry, and the gaudier it is, the better. You can find some cheap jewelry in your mom’s drawer or even at Goodwill, if not try to get inexpensive items from stores like Forever 21. Carry around the shovel all night, and if you happen to have a headlamp lying around feel free to strap that on too!


7.       Smartie Pants

What you’ll need:

-A white button up shirt

-Any pair of pants you don’t mind taping

-Smarties (the candy)


Put on the white button up shirt and button it all the way up to the neck. Next start asking friends to help you tape packs of Smarties all over your pants, make sure they’re secure and will stay in place all night. This is a really simple costume. Once you’ve put the pants on spend your night correcting grammar and making sassy remarks.


8.       The Government

What you’ll need:

-A suit

-A “Closed” sign

Put on the suit and tie, make sure you look semi-professional at least. Next, if you can find one, hang a “Closed” sign around your neck. If you don’t have one, you can always make one out of poster board or cardboard. You can add to this costume by refusing to do anything all night, and arguing with everyone pointlessly. Don’t blame me if you get asked to leave.

grumpycat (2)

9.       Grumpy Cat

What you’ll need:

-An all cream or white outfit

-Cat ears

-Brown and white Halloween makeup

Put on your outfit and ears. If you don’t have any ears, you can make some out of cardboard and attach them to any of your headbands. Then, take the makeup and paint a wide brown oval around both of your eyes, making sure it extends down to the sides of your mouth. Paint the rest of your face white. Add whiskers with the brown paint if you want. Frown all night.


10.   Boobs

What you’ll need:

-A partner

-Two large white t-shirts

-Two beach balls or any sort of large round object

-Two large identical tank tops

Put on your white t-shirts and shove the balls underneath so they rest on your stomachs. Then take the tank tops and stretch them over your heads and over the bulge in your shirt caused by the ball. Take one strap and place it on your shoulder, the other tuck underneath the shirt, so that when you stand next to your partner your stomachs resemble a pair of boobs in a bikini top.

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  1. A note to my white brothers, do not attempt costume #5. This would entail the use of blackface, triggering an ensuing storm of hate mail, social media castigation, and a general ruining of career prospects.

    Hats off to the clever one who created #7. Quick and easy, funny, and laden with partytime banter potential.

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