New entrepreneurs open Albion restaurant-boutique


A new restaurant-boutique recently opened in downtown Albion. The establishment is the brainchild of two friends, Nora Jackson and Lorene Gant, who decided to pursue their dreams.

Gant, Albion resident, is heading “It’s New To Me,” the boutique side of the shop where she makes and sells an array of home goods. “Nora’s and More,” the restaurant half of the venture, is run by Jackson.

So far, only the boutique side of the shop is up and running. Jackson hopes to have the restaurant fully functioning by Nov. 12, though she explains her doors are open for students interested in meeting or relaxing at “Nora’s and More” prior to this date.

Grant dreamed about opening just such a store for years prior to this venture.

“I kept on saying that whenever the time is right I’ll do it, and I guess that time is right now,” Gant said.

The restaurant was more than just a dream for Nora Jackson, Jackson resident and the culinary guru behind “Nora’s and More.”

“It’s really a vision,” Jackson said.  “It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

“It’s New To Me” has a wide variety of items for sale, including a multitude of trinkets, décor items and clothing

“I have new and used items,” Gant said. “I have things that I make.  I have special décor that I make.  I do wedding flowers.  I have some clothing, shoes, purses and some jewelry, too.  I have a little bit of everything.”

However, Gant recognizes there is room for improvement.  She would like to expand and spruce up the appearance of the store with updated shelving and lighting.

“But for now, I’m happy,” Gant said.

Gant made one of her objectives crystal clear: she aims to keep her prices affordable.  And she is able to do so since some of her items, normally clothing, purses, etc., are given to her by friends and family.

Albion residents are happy to see a new restaurant-boutique close to home.

“I’m surprised, and I’m glad that we have somewhere to go downtown,” said Fay Stallworth, Albion resident, while shopping at the new store.

On the restaurant side, Jackson explained that at “Nora’s and More” she will serve an array of different food items once her restaurant is fully functioning.  She plans to regularly prepare ribs, catfish, yams, spaghetti, sandwiches, soups, corn bread and much more.

But Jackson wants to make her shop into something more than just a restaurant.  She hopes it forms into a place where youths in the area can come and meet.  Jackson plans to show movies occasionally and have live gospel music played at “Nora’s and More.”

She aims to help the young adults of Albion, whether teenagers or college students, set goals and find a positive direction for their lives by providing them with a positive environment.

Keep an eye out for advancements in both the boutique and restaurant.

For those interested in either side of the new shop, the restaurant-boutique is on Superior St. between Michigan Ave. and Cass St. in downtown Albion.

Photo by Holly Pyper

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