Satire: Drafts for the new Albion College slogan

Without notable campus-wide excitement, or even knowledge surrounding previous attempts to sum up the Albion College experience in a single slogan, the administration has begun throwing around possible replacements beyond “Just One More,” or whatever that Latin one is.

1. Albion College: “Beat It Up”

2. Albion College: “It’s Okay Guys, We Know”

3. Albion University, er, wait. Oh my God, haha sorry everybody

4. Albion “Swag Me Out” College

5. Albion College: “Muahahahahaha”

5. Albion College: “Please?”

6. Albion, Michigan: “There’s Also a Town!”

7. Albion College: “Board Games Probably Couldn’t Hurt”

8. Albion College: “We Have Drive”

9. Albion College: “Full Flavored, Solid Finish”

10. Dave’s: “Two Minutes From Albion College”

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