Eleven upcoming records for the rest of 2013

Yes, believe it or not, the year is coming to an end, and we are on our way to that
awkward time when we keep writing 2013 on the top of all assignments, even though the date
begins with January. However, there are still numerous chances for new music before the first
year of the post-apocalypse comes to a close.

1. Korn: “The Paradigm Shift” (Oct. 8)
The most hardcore band named after a starch is back again with what we can only hope
is not a repeat of the Skrillex-injected hatespawn, “The Path of Totality.” The band has promised
a heavier, darker sound like their earlier work, as well as a come back of original guitarist Brian
Welch. The lead single sounds a little too much like a guest spot from The Wombats for my
taste, but feel free to decide for yourself.

2. A Day to Remember (ADTR): “Common Courtesy” (Oct. 8)
After nearly two years of cruel teasings, ADTR has finally lifted the veil on the release date for
what they promise will be a heavier departure from their more recent work. An album free from the
influence of their previous label, Victory, the band may finally make good on the guarantee of
a record fans want, not one Hot Topic stores want for background playlists.

3. Miley Cyrus: “Bangerz” (Oct. 8)
You’re going to check it out. Don’t even lie. In case you have been living in some kind of wi-fi free hippie commune in an unknown valley of the Appalachians, here is a sneak peak at the
newest material from the woman who once influenced our children. May I recommend opening in an
incognito window.

4. Pearl Jam: “Lightning Bolt” (Oct. 15)
Though their existence may seem like a proverbial middle finger to the corpses (literal and
figurative) of the grunge movement, hastily buried towards the end of the 90s, Pearl
Jam has consistently put out solid releases for over two decades now. The two lead singles
already released from this record suggest yet another quality album most of your moms will
probably enjoy, as well as the disenfranchised flannel-don within us all.

5. Katy Perry: “Prism” (Oct. 22)
Yeah, I guess I might as well mention it. The single, “Roar,” offers little contrast from the sassy
pop we’ve all grown to expect from the Christina Aguilera of our time. But it’s
unabashed new pop music, something the weekend scene of our generation will always gobble
up like a 15-year-old at the Pizza Hut lunch buffet.

6. AFI: “Burials” (Oct. 22)
The band that got only about seven people through the trials of middle school are furthering
their progression into goth-pop, though the interviews suggest this album has a much darker sound than its
predecessor. The two singles already released express a polarization in style, one upbeat
and catchy, the other dialed-back on the BPMs and sounding more like a one-sided, slow
motion argument between Davey Havok and whoever he’s always so angry at.

7. Arcade Fire: “Reflektor” (Oct. 29)
It’s a couple years too late to claim that Arcade Fire is still “riding off” the success of their
Grammy album “The Suburbs,” as the members have all been dabbling in side
projects for three years since they cemented their place in music culture history and the
hearts of kids who buy strictly American Spirits. The surrealist indie-rock group is in peak form
however, and the title track just begs for use in some opening credits montage starring Ryan
Gosling and a really nice car. They haven’t done that yet, right?

8. Eminem: “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” (Nov. 5)
I’m sure there’s very little buzz I could generate around this puppy that hasn’t already burrowed
into your eardrum and set up a 3-day EDM festival. On top of the Beastie Boys-influenced
single “Berzerk,” Slim’s sequel to his iconic sophomore record has already set up some major
expectations, as well as anticipated features from Dr. Dre and 50 Cent.

9. Avril Lavigne: “Self-Titled” (Nov. 5)
That’s right. The woman to whom I give complete credit for my ascension into puberty is back
for another go around. Though the record features a song with her unforgivable spousal choice
Chad Kroeger, as well as Marilyn Manson (yeah, take a second to drink that in), there should be
little other surprises here. Another poppy, carbon collection of songs you are destined to hear
screamed from the dorm rooms of pre-gamers.

10. Lady Gaga: “ARTPOP” (Nov. 11)
There have been little clues handed out as to the true musical or artistic nature of Gaga’s newest
offering, other than the electro-ballad single, “Applause,” which has been met with tepid waters.
Video promos hint at the almost expected acid-trip nature of her production, and it appears
we can all be ready for what will feel like a natural progression from “Born This Way.”

11. Wu-Tang Clan: “A Better Tomorrow” (TBA)
Yes, this is actually happening. Details are fuzzy, but Wu-Tang spearhead, RZA, has expressed
he would like the record to be released by Nov. 9, 36 Chambers’ 20-year anniversary. All
tight-lipped apprehension aside, how awesome would that be?

At the time of writing, no officially verified music off “A Better Tomorrow” has been released.

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