A Final Farewell With Dr. Brian Watkins

Albion College Professor Brian Watkins

Recently The Pleiad had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Brian Watkins of the Anthropology and Sociology Department to chat about his experiences at Albion College. Dr. Watkins will be leaving next semester to go to Austin College in Texas.

The Pleiad: Why are you leaving?

Dr. Watkins: I’m going to Austin College–just picture Albion in northern Texas, just picture that. It’s my alma mater, but I taught there last year. Conditions worked out and they made me an offer before Albion could.

P: What will you most the miss about Albion?

W: Albion has some of the best faculty I’ve ever encountered, and I know that is easy to claim, but this department in particular has such nice, reasonable and brilliant people that are great to work with. I’m also going to miss a lot of students– they really do give a lot of themselves to their education.

P: What was your favorite moment at Albion?

W: I really liked working with students on their research, watching it blossom and take form as they figure out things about the world out there and themselves, and that part’s only beginning. I’m going to be here over the summer doing research for FURSCA.


Photo Courtesy of Albion College

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