Student opinions on Baldwin renovations vary

The renovations in lower Baldwin have frustrated some students, while others are going with the flow.

Construction recently began in lower Baldwin, and is scheduled to be finished in the fall. Students have been moved to eat in upper Baldwin, Macho Taco and the Eat Shop during their meal times. There are many mixed feelings from the student body. A large percentage of students, including Paige Linville, Clinton junior, enjoy the substitute system and thinks everything is running smoothly.

“So far, the Baldwin renovation seems to be working out well,” Linville said. “There aren’t super long lines at the Eat Shop or in the cafeteria, which is nice.”

The Eat Shop has been in use as an option for upper Baldwin’s meals. The dine-in or to-go option has gone over well with students.

“I can just grab food to go and go to class, which is a lot easier than having to eat at Baldwin all the time,” Linville said.

But other students feel there is a major flaw in the Eat Shop exchange system.

“If you go to Baldwin, and the food isn’t good, they won’t accept your card in the each shop after you’ve already swiped it for Baldwin,” said Alexander Salih, Commerce sophomore.

Another problem is the diminished options. Dana Anderson, Ann Arbor first-year is a vegetarian, and she finds it harder than ever to get a good meal.

“I enjoy the Veggie Burger option,” Anderson said. “However, that has sometimes been the only vegetarian option between the Eat Shop and Upper Baldwin,” Anderson said. “There have been meals at Baldwin where the only vegetarian option was plain pasta. No sauce.”

Having fewer options sometimes causes students with dietary restrictions to feel frustrated.

“I find myself avoiding Baldwin now as I know there won’t be many healthy options for me,” Anderson said. “I often end up cooking for myself, which is frustrating because of the money already spent to eat at Baldwin.”

Overall, the student body seems to be dealing with the change well for the most part, there are, however, some issues with the system.

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