Student migration leaves campus empty

Albion Students seem to have said, “I’m done,” and have all left the college to seek for warmer weather.

On Mar. 26, all of the students packed up their rooms and left without a warning. It appears that the serious fluctuations in the weather is the main cause for this migration.

“The weather really messes up my allergies,” said Cathy Smith, Canton junior. “I cannot stay here anymore. It’s uncomfortable and annoying, I never know what to wear.”

Admissions are at an all time low.

“We have never seen enrollment this low,” said Radeleine Mhyneer, vice president for enrollment management. “Albion is really suffering from this loss. We can only hope that our recruiting works this next semester to bring in new first-years.”

The campus has a ghost town feel, as the parking lots and dorms rooms are all empty. The students who remain on campus are left disorientated and lonely.

“I felt bad about leaving, mostly because I’ll really miss Baldwin,” said Patrick John, Farmington Hills sophmore. “But now, all my friends have left. I’m thinking about taking down a few walls in Whitehouse so I can have a huge room.”

Unfortunately, the weather will continue to snow one day and be 60 degrees the next. Albion’s administration is not sure if the college can ever bounce back from this tragedy.

“If our students do not come back, we might have to temporarily shut down,” Mhyneer said. “This would mean that the Stockwell Library, Baldwin and The Dow renovations would cease as well.”

Facebook and Twitter posts that the migrated students are having a great time in the southern states and do not appear to regret their abandonment.

One post read, “Florida is awesome! I’m never coming back.”


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