Here to stay – AC president signs huge contract

Albion College president Ronna Dandall has accepted a seven-year, $180 million dollar contract to remain with the Albion Britons through 2020 with $50 million guaranteed.

The first female president of Albion College became president just under six years ago.

After months of speculation, Dandall made her decision to stay with the Brits despite lucrative offers from Hope, Calvin and Olivet College.  Dandall cited loyalty as the deciding factor to sign the record-breaking contract.

“Well, I talked with my family extensively about my decision,” Dandall said.  “Their support was what helped me see that Albion is where I belong.”

Although Dandall has performed as advertised throughout her tenure as a Albion College president, many people are skeptical about her return.  Dandall has been plagued with injury for much of her career as a Briton.  She is only recently coming off of a high ankle sprain that she suffered while climbing the hill in Victory Park.

Others think that Dandall is only re-signing because of her new contract, the magnitude of which will likely force Albion College to waive and/or trade other faculty members.

“I understand that she has been a fixture at this college for six years, but I just don’t think that we should be spending so much on one person,” said Matthew LeBieber, Plymouth junior.  “I personally believe that what the Britons need to do is start the rebuilding process.”

In the past, Dandall has received praise for the way she handled the bribe scandal in campus safety.

The scandal, commonly known as “Campo-gate,” involved members of campus safety receiving bribes from students to turn a blind eye to various offences, including, but not limited to, parking violations, drinking, smoking and room violations.

Many campus safety officers received suspensions issued by Dandall for their involvement in the “Campo-gate.”

Most notable of these suspensions was Senneth Knyder, head of campus safety.  Knyder missed the entire 2012-13 academic calendar and was named by sources as the “ring-leader” for the entire operation.

“Ronna couldn’t have handled such a terrible breakdown in discipline and responsibility any better,” said Hallie Parker, dean of students.  “Her ruthless sanctions were completely by the books.

The highly touted provost out of the University of Hatford has never failed to impress or surprise the Albion faithful.  Regardless of how others view her or her return, Dandall is here to stay.

“I look forward to a long and successful career here at Albion College to continue for years to come,” Dandall said.

Photo courtesy of Albion College Flickr

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