Downton Abbey to film season four at Baldwin


The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) announced on March 30 that it would be postponing its production of Downton Abbey. Because of the new renovations in Baldwin, where the crew planned to film, season four will not air until Spring 2014.

“We halted plans for production because of the construction going on in lower Baldwin,” said Julian Fellowes, series creator. “We’re anticipating a new, modern atmosphere to film peasants serving the Crawley family.”

PBS cut funds for Downton Abbey, meaning the show needed to move locations from Highclere Castle in the UK to Albion College.

“Filming with the Brits at Albion College allows us to maintain our connection with British culture, even though we’re producing the series in a college cafeteria,” said Jim Carter, an actor playing the butler Charles Carson.

The cast took interest in how students are eating during the renovation. Bon Appétit explained that the students could dine at the Eat Shop, except on the weekends.

“What is a weekend?” asked Maggie Smith, an actress playing Lady Grantham.

Bon Appétit also introduced the cast and crew to the new plans for the renovation.

“You are quite wonderful the way you see room for improvement wherever you look,” Smith said. “I never knew such reforming zeal.”

Even students are voicing their opinions at the production’s delay.

“How ratchet that PBS can’t film until after the Baldwin renovation,” said Nicole Iraola, Ann Arbor sophomore.

While touring the set at Albion, some believe Smith sounded more and more like her character. She commented on the other cast member’s excitement to be in the U.S.

“It always happens when you give these little people power,” Smiths said. “It goes to their heads like strong drink.”

The college proposed the idea of having them film at Bellemont Manor instead of Baldwin.

“I forbid it,” Smith said. “To have strange men prodding and prying around the house? To say nothing of pocketing the spoons? It’s out of the question.”

Photo courtesy of Richard Munckton, Wikimedia Commons

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  1. We have to wait an ENTIRE year for season 4 ???
    SADNESS , especially after the last scene in season 3 …….

  2. Very disappointed to hear we have to wait an entire year for season 4. I think this will hurt the shows momentum and many viewers by a years time will have lost interest.

  3. It will be worth the wait! Not intending to diminish any of Down Abbey’s cast; they are all crucial to the success of this series, but I will never tire of watching Maggie Smith perform, I think she is one of the the worlds finest actors. Maggie, you’re awesome! Why did they have to leave Highclere?? WSW

  4. Love Downton Abbey. The anticipation might kill me, but am sure it will be worth the wait! I guess I’ll just have to spend the year watching seasons 1, 2, & 3 and falling in love with all the characters all over again! You guys are awesome!! Great Work!!

  5. Hi,
    This air date sounds questionable since if you check the top of this page this website is announcing this on April 1st better known as April fools day!! I would not panic on believing that airing will be delayed.

  6. I am very sad that we will all have to wait a year to see season 4. I have bought all 3 seasons and watch them over and over. My husband says it is my Downton fix. Until Downton “24” was,I repeat WAS, my favorite series. I have watched it over and over and over. Love all of the cast members and have acquired a British accent. The British don’t need words, their expressions say it all. Bravo to all involved with the series.

  7. So bad to have to wait more than a year more for season 4. I hope people can remember the story,and the characters with that long a wait. Or something else might catch on instead? Gee, perhaps you shouls rerun it in the waiting year for part 4.

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