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It is hard to deny social media’s effect on modern day life. Most people, especially students, cannot go a day without checking their Facebook or adding a Twitter status.

Social media circles around us all. It’s not only a form of communication, but it also allows people to be updated on news, entertainment, sports and much more. However, sometimes it seems as if our lives are being consumed by the internet. People take things too seriously, or not seriously enough.

As convenient and fun social media is, sometimes I find myself throwing my hands in the air and wishing for more personal communication. However, like most people, I do give into a little “guilty pleasure” when it comes to Twitter and Facebook.

Social media not only affects personal relationships, but also self-esteem and communication in the real world. One post, or one status, can completely change a viewpoint forever.

Two weeks ago, Twitter and Facebook were exploding with all sorts of confessions, random thoughts, and deeds that have been done on Albion’s campus.

Students and alumni were both in laughter and rage when these began. People seemed to be flattered by the “compliments,” while others thought they were outrageous or that it was rude and creepy.

@AlbionCrushes began as a way for students to anonymously post “crushes,” but ended up turning into “I wanna bang you” or “I’m looking at you from across the room and I think you’re sexy” type of posts.

Some of these posts were hilarious, because it was evident that is was just someone’s friend posting about them and doing little shout outs. However, there were others that were just weird. I don’t think anyone wants to imagine a random person creepily eyeing you from across the Quad.

The tweeters posted around 50 a day, and they poured in one after another. Some read, “She looked my way and my day was made,” or had play on words for last and first names. Towards the end, the posts were directed to alums who made their mark on campus.

@AlbionCrushes didn’t last very long, maybe a week, before it was shut down and deleted.

The Facebook page, Albion College Confessions, started posting statuses soon after the @AlbionCrushes reign ended. This had sort of the same purpose, except students could submit anonymous confessions and feelings about the school.

These anonymous posts ranged from stories of drunkenness, sex, stupidity and simply feelings that may be hard to express otherwise.

These statuses seem to be a little more real. Some of the posts seemed honest, like people just needed to brush some steam off. Others, were just really funny comments about being drunk in the fraternities, or secrets about the campus that could never be said out loud.

Of course, being involved on a small campus like Albion, people always have something negative or positive to say.

I found myself asking what kind of affect these posts had on people. Were they honestly pleased that someone was tweeting about them, or disappointed that someone was not?

It’s hard to say. Social media is such a prominent influence in our lives, it would be difficult to say that it somehow did not play with one’s emotions, even at the smallest amount.

My advice is pretty simple. If you don’t like what is being written, simply don’t follow it or read it. It’s even more annoying to read people complaining on the very sources that they are complaining about. It sort of defeats the purpose of the complaint.

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Jillian is senior graduating in 2014 with a double major in English and Anthropology and a member of Alpha Chi Omega. She has a passion for travel and culture, hoping to pursue a career with National Geographic one day. Until then, she enjoys writing, cooking, and playing with her hedgehog. Contact her at, @JillianPutnam .

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