Brief: Women’s Lax midnight breakfast a delicious success

Eager students flocked to Upper Baldwin late last Thursday intent to quell the hunger pangs that long study sessions provoke. They were in luck, as the Albion College Women’s lacrosse team hosted their first-ever fundraising Midnight Breakfast that night.

Team members worked together to ensure a smooth evening. Players sold wristbands in the Kellogg Center before the “breakfast” and also worked as servers at the event, doling out pancakes to over 100 people.

Shanta Loecker, head coach, brought the idea to ACWL herself, as she had organized a similar fundraiser with her team at UCLA. When asked how the money raised would be used, Loecker said it would be put toward future travel.

“We’re working on setting up our full schedule for 2014,” Loecker said. “The schedule will include a little bit of a plan for a possible future spring break.”

The breakfast was definitely a success for the first time around, and Loecker hopes to continue developing the event as well as the program itself.

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