Satire Blog – Spring Break Blues

Yes, it is that time of the year again.  As students prepare to leave the campus for spring break, they begin to experience feelings of dread and anxiety.  None want to leave the learning facilities that they have come to know and love for the comfort of a warm bed in their own homes or for unexplored tropical paradises.  With all of the studying and exam taking that could be done, many students wonder just how exactly they are supposed to have any fun at all over this hellish lull in academic endeavors.

“I just can’t even think about it right now,” chokes Charles “Party” Hardy, barely able to fight back tears.  “Soon I’ll be leaving my routine of sleeping for 2 hours a night to cram for exams to head to Panama City Beach.  There’s so much sun, beautiful beaches, and oodles of alcohol that I may just die of boredom.”

No matter who this reporter spoke to, the reactions were all the same.  It simply does not seem possible to make students want to leave such a wonderful learning environment especially during one of the heaviest workloads they will receive during the academic year.  Cries for reductions or eliminations of these horrifyingly dull breaks can be expected to be heard across the campus.

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