Satire Blog – Satire Blogger in Chains

For the better part of a year and a half, the college campus has been entertained and enthralled with the comedic genius of their beloved Pleiad satire blogger.  However, they know very little of the horrors and injustices which have been perpetuated against this kind soul by the rest of the staff.  The blogger has been repetitively forced to spend the days at a time in the Pleiad office chained to a desk and unable to leave until a quota of articles has been satisfied.

“I’ve had to survive off of nothing but a bottle of water and starburst chews for four days,” said the imprisoned blogger, whose name shall remain anonymous to protect his safety.  “I feel like an animal caged up in a zoo.  Sometimes the rest of the staff comes by to throw peanuts at me and observe my behavior.  It’s horrific.  They could at least pay me more for something like this.”

This situation raises the very serious questions of just how far an organization should go in order to produce the best quality stories possible.  If the student body enjoys the satirical masterpieces produced by this blogger, is it justified to keep him in chains and display him like a wild animal?  One thing stands for sure, the staff should definitely pay this blogger at least a little bit more.

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