Recruitment for Non-Greek Fraternities

When students think of recruitment on Albion College’s campus, they typically think of  social Greek fraternities and sororities. The truth, however, is that there are many other organizations on campus that recruit in several different ways.

The brothers of Phi Mu Alpha are an example of this. Though Phi Mu Alpha is a social fraternity, it is dedicated towards the passion of music and service, as shown in how they recruit their members.

“You have to be over the age of 18 and demonstrate a love of music and service,” John Fleming, Grosse Ille junior and president of Phi Mu Alpha. “There is no GPA requirement or standing requirement. It’s at the will of the brothers in the chapter.”

Like other fraternities on campus, Phi Mu Alpha has a system to recruit members and then vote on them.

“Each person who is brought up for consideration is sponsored by two brothers in the chapter,” Fleming said. “Each of them has to write a paragraph on why they think you’d be a good Sinfonian, then those are discussed and voted on next meeting.”

Another fraternity on campus recruits in a different way. Phi Alpha Delta is  the law fraternity on campus and they have their own standards as well.

“We have open membership,” said Paige Narins, Kingston, Pa., senior and vice president of Phi Alpha Delta. “You have to be in good standing with the college and you have to fill out an application.”

Phi Alpha Delta has always been open to students.

“Phi Alpha Delta has always had a very inclusive membership policy unlike other professional fraternities,” Narins said.  “We were the first law fraternity to include people of all gender and races, and we’ve carried that tradition. As long as you’re in good standing with the college and you have a sincere interest in deciding law school is the right path, then you’re welcome to Phi Alpha Delta.”

Two other fraternities on campus recruit in similar, but still different ways from Phi Mu Alpha and Phi Alpha Delta.  These two fraternities are Gamma Sigma Alpha and Order of Omega.

“If a student earns more than a 3.0 cumulatively or in any semester in their junior or senior year [they can be admitted],” said April Yost, Gamma Sigma Alpha advisor.  “If they accept, they come in and pay a small initiation fee.  Then we have a ceremony in a sorority lodge and initiate them.”

Like Gamma Sigma Alpha, Order of Omega is an academic fraternity.  However, Order of Omega recruits differently than Gamma Sigma Alpha.

“Anyone within the Greek community who has done exceptionally academic, community service, their contributions here on campus, and the surrounding community,” said Yost, also the advisor for Order of Omega, “We’re allowed to do 10 a year.  We generally do 10 in the fall and 10 in the spring.  Once we select them, we notify them and they come in and pay their small initiation fee.  We have the ceremony and initiate them.”


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